Dog Food Takes a Turn for the Healthy

The Daily Herald explains the recent facebook trend towards innovation in the pet food industry to produce healthier, more nutritious dog food in a recent article about the drastic changes to the pet food market. The $23.7 billion pet food industry in the U.S. has been increasingly dominated by pet food producers advertising the healthy recipes behind their dog food brands and educating customers about the benefits of their natural, healthy ingredients. At a time when the American public is more aware than ever of the food being served on its table and the ingredients being purchased at the grocery store, it should come as no surprise that families are eager to feed their dogs the top of the line dog food that they can find on the market. Companies are in cut throat competition with each other to keep pace with this trend and to continue to find ways to keep production costs down while incorporating more expensive healthy ingredients in their formulas, such as lean chicken.
One of the dog food companies that has been able to exceed expectations and distance itself from the competition on this healthy dog food trend is Beneful, which is owned by Purina. Beneful has gained incredible respect and loyalty among customers for standing behind its product with a customer satisfaction guarantee and providing transparent information about its formula and ingredients so that puppy parents are well-informed about what they are feeding their precious pets.

Besides providing top of the line ingredients, Beneful offers a wide range of options for dog food varieties. In addition to offering eight dry food varieties, Beneful has made its mark on the dog food market by providing 20 wet food options and 11 dog treats. Its packaging is also extremely innovative in allowing pet owners to heat the Beneful wet food directly in the container and serve it up right on the spot.


A New Dog in the Neighborhood

A few days ago I took a walk to the store to get a gallon of milk for dinner. Because of what I found on my way to the store, I had to change my grocery list around a little bit. Instead of grabbing milk and a pack of cigarettes for my husband, I came out with those items plus a large bag of Purina Beneful. The reasoning behind my purchase of Beneful is because on my walk I found a small, docile dog just laying on the sidewalk. She wasn’t hurt at all, but you could tell she was lonely and very hungry. Instead of turning my cheek I patted my upper thigh so she would get up and follow me to the store. Once we got there she waited patiently for me while I picked her up some dinner.

On the shelves of the walmart store they had a new brand called Freshpet, which I had just recently heard about online. This dog food uses fresh meat and vegetables so that the food tastes just as delicious as the meals I prepare at home. Just because I felt bad for this poor dog, I made sure to pick up a few containers of Freshpet as a treat. I also knew that the fresh products in the food would help her get back to good health quickly. Anything that does not have a bunch of additives in it will surely make anyone healthy.

When I brought the dog home to my husband that night I was rather surprised at his response. Instead of becoming flustered, he welcomed the dog with open arms and asked if we were going to keep her. As soon as he asked the question, I held up the bag of Beneful dry dog food and shook it. As soon as the dog heard the shake, she immediately started wagging her tail which made us both smile ear to ear.



Doe Deere’s Fabulous Life Lesson

Doe Deere has a wonderful life lesson that she would like to reveal to the world. She believes that you should break fashion rules and makeup rules. Surprisingly, a large number of people are afraid to break those rules. Deere believes that breaking those rules takes guts. However, leaving those rules behind, also leads to a world of creativity. The fact is that most creative and successful people started breaking traditional rules at a very young age. Lime Crime is certainly a makeup line started by a very creative person and designed for creative people.

Doe Deere’s Creative Philosophy
Certainly, Deere’s creative philosophy begins with taking a long look at traditional rules about fashion and beauty. Learn the basic rules concerning fashion and beauty, then break one of those rules daily. Doe Deere believes this opens the doors to a creative vision that is more satisfying than just going with the flow. We’ve all heard those fashion rules about staying away from too many bold colors or mixing patterns. Well, Doe Deere has something to say about those rules. Bold colors make life, beauty, and fashion fun. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your favorite bold colors. Wear deep smoky eyes with thick mascara and crimson lips. It’s fun to go bold and fabulous. Wear a pattern on top of another pattern. Rock that style with confidence. Furthermore, Doe Deere believes that you should never listen to anyone that says you should dress age appropriate. Dress the way that makes you feel good. The self appointed unicorn queen has spoken. People are taking note of her personal style and loving it.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is a striking young beauty. Her pastel hair and vibrant makeup are her signature style. Doe Deere was born with the creative fire that led to her developing a makeup line that matched her personality and belief. Deere firmly believes in creating your own style. Makeup is the tool that women use to bring out their creative nature. Out of this philosophy, Lime Crime was born.

Lime Crime is a very distinctive and unusual name. A lot of people would like to know the name’s origins. Doe Deere relates that the name is connected with her fashion days. Lime Crime was the original name of a fashion line that she created and offered for sale on an auction site. Doe Deere found it extremely difficult to find a vibrant and expressive makeup to match her taste. Therefore, she decided to create Lime Crime, her own makeup company. Doe Deere is also a different kind of CEO. She runs her organization with a soft touch. Her company has achieved amazing success in a short span of time. The Lime Crime Cosmetic company is one of the most successful makeup companies online.

Keep Your Wikipedia Page Relevant With A Professional Wiki Writer

To say that people freaked out when Leonardo Dicaprio won his very first and much deserved Oscar Award would be an understatement. Fans of the famed actor were ecstatic. They may as well have won the award for themselves. The uproar of fanfare made it’s way onto the internet via Dicaprio’s Wikipedia page as well. Updates on Wiki pages can be done by anybody. This quickly turned into a plethora of unfavorable updates on the stars page. One of them in particular standing out with repeated vulgarities. 

After being nominated 5 times, but never being crowned the winner, this was a great achievement in his career. The appreciation of his fans is well received, albeit in need of some cleaning up. Leo is going to need his Wiki page edited and put back into proper order as soon as possible. The site has quickly become where the world goes for the info. Whenever we look up something online there is a Wikipedia link right there. It has simply become synonymous with fact checking and the internet. The people that work on the technology end of Wiki are creating many new ways to detect and prevent trolling of edits to the pages.

Most notably as of late, Wikipedia has been almost solely responsible for the images of individuals and companies alike. If you don’t have a Wiki page for your business, chances are you won’t be taken very seriously by potential clients. Likewise, it is a great way to help your personal reputation to have a bit more polish. The best way to get the most of your page edits and updates is to hire Wiki writers from a trusted Wikipedia editing service. The level of scrutiny to details and proper edits will get you the best results. This also takes a lot of work off of the shoulders of the customer in need of the edits. Having the assurance that their page is being tracked and updated on the fly is a great luxury for the client. What better way to have your page created than in the hands of professional Wiki experts for hire? 

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