Using Hair Care by Wen by Chaz to Get Beautiful Results

If you are someone who suffers from a large number of allergies, you will want to give hair care by Wen hair a try. With the ingredients in Wen, many of your number of chemicals is eliminated and instead, there are ingredients like sage, apples and rosemary in the shampoo’s and moisturizers. The process all began with Chaz boiling some potpourri in some water and then adding the ingredients all together and washing his hair with those ingredients. When he did this, he noticed how nice his hair felt. He seen how clean it became and how much better it felt. That is when he decided to create his own hair care line.

Before the line of products was first introduced, many people had to first be tested to make sure that it was a legitimate way of cleansing your hair. During this process of testing, Chaz worked very hard to perfect the cleaners. He wanted to make sure that the ingredients were kept to a minimal and that the cleaner would not lead to anymore damage being done. Once he noticed that all types of hair were improving from use, he knew the time had come for it to be released to the public. Since the time of it becoming public, more people have invested in the hair care product line than in any other brand of shampoo or cleaners. Most people will tell stories about how they just love what the products have done for their hair as well as their scalp. All the ingredients blended together is what makes the hair care products stand out among all the rest of the hair care lines. Wen hair care products are available on eBay and QVC online.


Why Madison Street Capital Should Be Every Business’ Best Friend

Integrity, leadership, excellence, and service are the core values that Madison Street Capital’s reputation is built on when it comes to delivering financial advisory services to their client; whether publicly or privately owned. This international investment banking firm works with the sensitivity of time in mind, hence, responding in good time to grasp the best opportunities. To meet the clients’ satisfactions, the banking firm uses adequate knowledge, experience as well as the relationships it has built with time.

Madison Street Capital is a firm that works to portray vast experience in corporate finance, diligence, finding the market price, structuring new deals as well as mergers and acquisition. Additionally, the firm is dependable when it comes to designing and implementing the best exit strategies. These qualities have been the main reason why this company has made it over the years helping clients from hundreds of different industries.

When it comes to corporate advisory, Madison Street Capital is not only great at merger and acquisitions and restructuring of capital but also offers its services when it comes to reorganizing a business structure. Even when in a bankruptcy situation, this firm can get you sorted out before it is too late. Madison also offers brilliant corporate governance and private placements too. When in need of advisory services, this company can provide both ESOP as well as buyout reports.

Any investment banking firm that is as excellent as this company needs the asset management in industry focus at a high level. For instance, Madison has offers outstanding portfolio valuation, adequate coverage on financial sponsor records and exceptional restructuring services.

The financial reporting valuation is marvelous too since it covers all goodwill and the impairment of the intangible asset. It also takes into consideration the compensation on a shared basis and the structured finance products.

Other services that this investment banking firm handles include valuation of the company and tax compliance. Additionally, it offers individual opinions when managing the investment of their clients’ companies. For instance, it depends on the solvency and capital adequacy involved. Also, the level of independence of the third party fairness must be looked into.

Every company needs to look into its wealth preservation and also plan its tax accurately. For this reason, Madison Street Capital offers a perfect tax planning technique, a business exit plan as well as a working plan when it comes to building wealth.

The level of understanding, as well as the experience that this firm has gained through its journey, makes it competent for any business. Additionally, it has widened its scope and now has its offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. This global view emphasizes on local businesses, relationships and networks more than the emphasis on international trade. There is a great chance for any business that opts to use this banking firm.

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InnovaCare Health Drafts New Measures That Will Boost Growth

Over the past one decade, the competition in the healthcare industry, specifically managed healthcare, has grown and companies are forced to come up with new measures that should help them to stay relevant in the market. Most of them have gone for new technology and better measures that will help them to manage different problems. One of the companies that have invested highly in the provision of managed healthcare services is InnovaCare Health, a leading company in the North America region.

InnovaCare Health has dominated the Puerto Rico region as the only company established and able to offer Medicare Advantage plans and other physician practice services. The company has created a strong network that has allowed them to reach more customers from all corners of the region. Recently, the management of InnovaCare Health drafted measures that will be implemented to boost growth and help them to penetrate into other regions within the U.S.

Such measures include the acquisition of modern technology and better infrastructure that is able to accommodate many customers. The company has seen an increase in Medicare Advantage subscribers on from mere 10,000 less than one decade ago to over 250,000 today. These achievements have been possible thanks to the great effort the leaders of InnovaCare Health have put. Along with the installation of new systems, InnovaCare Health has hired new executives to head important offices.

Read more: Penelope Kokkinides – Chief Operating Officer @ InnovaCare Health …

New executives
He previously held an executive position at Horizon BCBS, where he led the Medicare and Medicaid systems offered by the company. As the Chief Actuary at InnovaCare Health, Jonathan will help the company to handle the program more efficiently.

Mike Sortino, the current chief accountant at InnovaCare Health, also joined the company in the same period as Jonathan. He carries along skills in both finance and accounting and is optimistic his office will accelerate the realization of the goals set by the company.

The focused leadership of InnovaCare Health
At the top of the leadership team is Dr. Rick Shinto, the CEO and President. He is a professional whose career has been decorated with success. His experience in clinical science has allowed him to write several articles and journals in the specialty.

Dr. Richard Shinto has been working closely with Penelope Kokkinides, a professional clinical health professional appointed to work as the Chief Administrative Officer.

Mike Baur startup company helps establish entrepreneurs

Mike Baur spent nearly 20 years in the private banking industry and worked his way up from a apprentice at the UBS to being the executive board member in a very large private bank for the Swiss.


At the age of 39, in 2014,he began the entrepreneurial start-up and founded the startup company, The Swiss Start Up Factory which then starred as the number 1 private and independent finance company in Switzerland.


Mike Baur spends a large amount of time in the entrepreneur world with support from various startups in not only the finance world but also as a mentor. He started out as not only the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association but also the director of the company.


Mike is responsible for the fundraising and financing portion of the company. He works hard to ensure that individuals and companies are granted the opportunity to thrive in the business world.


The Zurich based program looks to entrpreneurs who are seeking an exciting opportunity in the digital world from the start of their very first day. The connection to a strong network of individuals from around the globe is what helps the entrpreneurs thrive and succeed.


The company will perform a three month long program in which an accelerator program is used to help individuals through a platform which utilizes services and mentoring, coaching and office space all in the heart of downtown Zurich.



His love for banking and his love for financing is what led him to start this entrepreneurship. His love for banking started in his early years when in his teenage prime in Fribourg, Switzerland. It was then that he decided to go after his master’s in finance and banking.


Research in entrepreneurship is what allows people to become Financially independent with the help of Swiss Startup foundation. Once the foundation becomes involved, someone becomes involved from simple mentoring to helping to becoming financial independent through the use of the startup program.


North Korea Targeted By HRF And Thor Halvorssen

When North Korea declares war on your human rights group, you must be doing the right thing. That’s exactly what the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea has done to Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation.

They called the human rights group thieving Americans and the scum of the earth in a press release. The North Korean dictator even threatened to shut down all communication between North Korea and South Korea if the human rights group interfered with everyday life in the “Democratic Republic”.

Thor Halvorssen is not your average human rights group founder. He is an incredibly active individual that takes advantage of the shifting winds of pop culture.

And in 2013, when North Korea famously hacked Sony due to the release of a movie called The Interview, the Human Rights Foundation jumped into the spotlight in order to point the finger at the horrible conditions in North Korea. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

And on top of all of this, they help any defectors escaping the unilateral rule of Kim Jong Un.

It is actions like these that will put the Human Rights Foundation on the map. Instead of boring and drab human rights press releases, they use the momentum of pop culture to attack unilateral dictators. They flood the Internet with open letters to any celebrity that may try to collect a seven-figure paycheck from a unilateral dictator for private concerts or events. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

They use the spotlight of the Sony hack to make headlines about the brutal dictatorship of North Korea. And Thor Halvorssen even used the volatility of the presidential election to Promote the Work of the Human Rights Foundation.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen has been fighting for human rights for quite some time now. The 39-year-old has a deep family history in political activism. His father was a political prisoner in Venezuela until his release was secured by human rights foundation’s.

His mother was shot during a protest against Chavez in New York City. Here’s to hoping that he continues his struggle.

Jordan A Thomas And Labaton Sucharow LLP Secure $17 Million Award For Whistleblower

Imagine the conundrum. You are a banker working at one of the country’s largest public financial institutions. During your everyday activities, you stumble upon evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Perhaps it is fraud that is affecting thousands of people or it is unethical business practices that scam money out of investors. No matter the criminal activity, you instantly recognize it for what it is because you work in the industry.

These protections allow you to remain anonymous while you turn evidence over to the federal government through an SEC whistleblower attorney. This anonymity allows you to continue to work at your institution, protecting your career and your identity.

But why would you risk such a thing? That answer also lies in the Dodd Frank act. In an attempt to incentivize SEC whistleblowers to come forward, the government has agreed to pay 10 to 30% of the fines collected against the public financial institution to the SEC whistleblower. This incentive payout only comes if the fines total more than $1 million. But Jordan A Thomas at Labaton Sucharow LLP believes you can get even more money for turning evidence against your employer. The experienced SEC whistleblower lawyer can get you a share of the fines collected by other law enforcement agencies.

Labaton Sucharow LLP recently got an anonymous SEC whistleblower client a $17 million payout for turning evidence against a public financial institution. This payout came as a percentage of the fines collected by the federal government from the institution. The SEC whistleblower also remained anonymous through the entire proceedings. And the $17 million payout is the second largest in SEC whistleblower history.

They were the first law firm to develop a specialized wing dealing with SEC whistleblower protection. They recruited only the best and carry a professional staff of seasoned veterans. The SEC whistleblower protection program is run by Jordan A Thomas. Mr. Thomas has extensive experience in SEC enforcement as he used to work at the Securities and Exchange commission in the enforcement department. The government even turned to Mr. Thomas to get help crafting the whistleblower protection provisions found in Dodd Frank. His intimate knowledge allows him to protect SEC whistleblowers like no other lawyer.

Kevin Seawright, The Award Winning Business Strategist

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, gained recognition from Notre Dame Executive leadership program for his exemplary performance in the communities that he serves. The college that granted him a certificate in Executive Leadership, the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business saw in him a transformative leader and active participant in communities, public education systems and government.

A master’s graduate of Amelda University in the accounting option, Kevin Seawright is a self-made man known for his strategic vision and ability to meet business goals while creating new opportunities.

He started his career in 2011 as the vice president of Operations and Human Capital at the Tito General Contractors Company. His contract with the firm ended in 2013 when he left to join Maryland as the Executive Director of operations. In 2014, he moved on to the Newark Economic development Corporation as the executive president and chief financial officer, a position he holds to date.

Seawright’s working career has shown him as a generous person who is keen on improving the lives of the individuals in the communities where he works. His unique business acumen, work efficiency and team player attributes make him stand out in his managerial duties.

He managed to change strategies to include those that ensured responsiveness in business and those that went in line with the technological changes. He is a firm believer in change at the workplace and embraces changes that positively affect those that he works with and the local communities.

His transformative ways of doing business ensured that Human Capital divisions improved staff retention and lowered turnovers by improving the recruitment efforts, collective bargaining, compensation adjustments and change in management. The results were enhanced standardization, improved service delivery, and improved company performance.

Kevin who acted as the board advisory for the Babe Ruth Museum has received many awards for his financial acumen and responsiveness while serving the municipalities.

He was chosen to be the recipient of the Met Life recipient of the Bridges to the Future award in 2010. It was due to his ability to demonstrate progression through statistics and accountability standards.