Bernado Chua’s Career in Direct Sales and His Current Success

Bernardo Chua is one of the top names in the marketing and sales industry. He is the founder of Organo Gold, products which have reached the global market and taken it by storm.

The entrepreneur is well-known for being one of the top business persons who are involved in direct sales. His efforts in the last few years have been on teas and coffees.

Bernardo Chua is a household name in various parts of the world. He is widely known for his two companies, Organo Gold and Gano Excel.

He started his career and companies in the Philippines before he ventured into markets in other parts of the world. He is one of the few people who introduced the world to the health benefits of ganoderma.

Who is Bernardo Chua?

Bernado Chua is businessman who grew up in the Philippines. He is of Chinese descent, something which made him more aware and knowledgeable in the benefits ganoderma.

Ganoderma is a type of polypore mushroom which grows on the back of wood in various parts of the world. It has been used by people from Asia, especially China, for very many centuries.

According to ZoomInfo, When Bernardo Chua decided to harness the benefit of this genus of mushrooms, he became the first person to successfully launch it outside Asia.

He sold the herb alongside what he loved most, teas and coffees. When he set up his own business, he decided to adopt the model of direct sales to make more profits and market it widely.

Successful Career

Many people know Bernardo as an entrepreneur and successful business mogul. What they do not know is that he started off from humble beginnings before he realized his current success.

He is the recipient of several award, most notably, the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. He got this award during the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards back in 2014.

Bernardo Chua continues to sell to the world quality teas, coffees and related products at an affordable price. He is also a philanthropist and a role model to many.

Karl Heideck – A Peek into the Life of a Litigator

Inside the life of litigator Kar Heideck
Behind the scenes with Karl Heideck

Litigation is one of the most popular careers in law. It is closely similar to a career as an ordinary lawyer, but it carries more responsibilities and opportunities. Here is a look at who a litigator is, what it takes to be one, and an insight into the life of one of Pennsylvania’s most popular litigators: Karl Heideck.

Who is a Litigator?

A litigator is a legal professional who represents plaintiffs and defendants in virtually all phases of a civil case. They are tasked with managing all phases of a litigation process: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal.

The typical duties of a litigator depend on factors such as experience and place of work. Inexperienced and individual litigators perform duties such as researching and observing or arguing a motion. As one climbs up the ladder duties increase to representing clients in trials and liaising with clients and their opposing counsels.

What it Takes to be a Litigator

A career in litigation begins with taking a course in law. To start with, one has to obtain a bachelor’s degree in majors such as History, English, and Economics. It pays to have high grades in your program and be involved in diverse undergraduate tests. The next step is taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The test is designed to gauge a student’s logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical reasoning.

The journey to become a litigator becomes challenging when it comes to earning a Juris Doctor Degree. It takes about three years to earn this degree. The fourth step is passing the Bar exam. The exam is offered by individual states and takes about two days to complete. Finally, one has to gain job experience to become a fully-fledged litigator.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over 10 years.
Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over 10 years.

Karl Heideck is a reputable attorney and litigator who specializes in compliance practices and risk management. Heideck has been practicing law for over ten years and is one of the popular litigators in the greater Philadelphia area.

Karl Heideck pursued a degree in English and Literature at Swarthmore College. He later joined the Tempe University Beasley School of Law, where he graduated with honors.


How To Maximize The Cost Of Inmate Calling

Securus Technologies employees over 16,000+ highly trained and qualified IT professionals in customer service, safety, and monitoring. The goal is to ensure that their customers are communicating with their loved ones over a secure network. In fact, they have recently been awarded the BBB Accreditation award for their high level of customer service satisfaction. They ensure that their customers will receive the allotted amount of minutes that are specified under their contract and they will also have access to live 24/7 support when and where they need it. They believe that adding integrated services allows them to offer a safer and securer network for their customers.


Teaming up with pioneers like Vimeo and JPay Services will let them to bring services that are unmatched by their competitors. You can say goodbye to a third party authorized agent or taking the long commute to a correctional institution with their high interactive features. You want have to become a part of the network of customers that trust other networks that don’t live up to their advertisement. In fact, Securus Technologies is chosen over their competitors at a rate of ten to one. Networks like Global Tel-Link are having a hard time competing with numbers like $4 to $1.


There are a team of professionals that would like to assist you when and where you need it. They can help you register for a remote visitation account that will allow you to interact with your loved ones face-to-face over the internet. These type of services are meant to give their customers the assurance of knowing they will save money and be able to visit their loved ones over the holidays including Christmas. Become a Securus Technologies customer today and say goodbye to an unstable network. Join the leaders in correctional communications today.


George Soros Increases Political Donations

George Soros has returned to political donations with over $25 million given to the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as other Democratic candidates. Soros, who made his fortune in currency trading, also planned to attend the 2016 Democratic Convention, the first one he’s ever attended. However, he had to back out due to financial events in Europe that needed his attention. Even so he has become much more politically active than he has been since trying to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004.

The stakes this election are extremely high, especially given the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Soros sees a grave threat to causes that George Soros has supported for decades such as religious tolerance, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform. In addition to his own donations, Soros also has influence with other rich activists and can galvanize them to give as well, multiplying his effect. In addition to giving money to Clinton and other Democratic candidates, George Soros has also donated to Democratic causes such as $2 million for American Bridge 21st Century and $5 million for Immigrant Voters Win. He has also spent $5 million to fight Republican efforts to restrict voting.

Between the 2004 and 2016 elections, George Soros mainly focused on his philanthropy on Biography. Over his lifetime he has donated over $13 billion for causes that defend human rights, expand healthcare and education throughout the world, and bring democracy to Eastern Europe. He has also spent time and money working with groups that are against income inequality, big money in politics, and climate change. George Soros feels his donations balances out the scales to a degree vs. the big Republican money donors.

Since the election, George Soros has worked with other liberal donors in order to resist Trump and the Republican-held Congress and Senate. He recently held a three-day, closed-door conference at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington D.C. Some of the people that were invited were Senators Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren. The plan is to institute a full-on resistance against President Trump from the first day he serves in office. The conference also discussed the upcoming 2017 and 2018 elections and how to have Democratic candidates gain Congressional Seats on One person that attended commented that the party needs to focus on bringing out more voters which depends on providing them inspirational candidates that will drive them to the polls.

The conference also discussed how to protect Obamacare and the rest of Obama’s legacy which is at risk of being completely dismantled in the first 100 days of Trump’s Presidency on Politico. The conference featured panels to develop new ways of polling and how to reach white working-class voters. The panels also discussed the need to train Democratic officials and develop state policies that address Democratic concerns.

The group behind the conference is The Democracy Alliance, founded by Soros in 2004. This group is made up of financial heavyweights such as George Soros and Donald Sussman, major union leaders, and liberal foundations. Since being created it has given up to $500 million to politically left causes.

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Experts Meet To Address The Traffic Concerns Experienced In Williamson County

In the Austin area, most discussions about transit have centered on the city itself. However, during Williamson County Growth Summit, deliberations zeroed in on the transportation challenges affecting the suburban communities.

In the panel were notable personalities, including Uber Technologies Inc., Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC and Mike Heiligenstein, the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The other people who attended the summit are Jared Ficklin of Argo Design and Leandre Johns, Texas External Affairs Director. Jared is a designer of transport-related products. He is remembered for proposing an aerial gondola system to be installed in Central Austin. Planners of the event decided to host the event at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. They discussed on the various ways through which technology had changed the transportation system not only in Austin, but also across the world.

Mike posited that new technologies such as ridesharing apps and driverless vehicles have the potential to transform the entire transportation infrastructure. He added that Austin needed to focus on expanding the transportation capacity, especially by building smarter roads. According to Mike, this is a sure way to meet the mobility demands of the ever-growing population. This growth is high in suburbs like the Williamson County. He contended that for more than 15 years, Williamson had done a commendable job of organizing its infrastructure. Mike said that people would continue coming to the urban centers. He advised that building and expansion of roads should continue besides making the corridors to be technically sound, efficient, and smarter.

Ficklin’s response to a question posed by Alan McGraw, Round Rock Mayor and panel moderator, on the future transportation needs, was that land-use and building codes should remain flexible. This information was originally mentioned on Biz Journals as outlined in this link

About Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) And Mike Heiligenstein

Founded in 2002, CTRMA has been improving the transportation infrastructure in Travis and Williamson counties. The independent government agency’s mission is to formulate and implement creative transportation strategies. These solutions seek to ease congestion and come up with innovative transportation choices that augment the standards of living and facilitate economic vitality. CTRMA’s board of director consists of seven members. The Governor is mandated with the duty of appointing the chairman. Williamson and Travis counties are allowed to appoint three members each.

Mike has been working for the agency since its inception. He oversaw the success of 183A in Williamson County, which was the entity’s first project. This project was among the first to embrace all-electronic, cashless toll collection. Currently, Mike is the president of the renowned International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He is an active member of Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s advisory Board.

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Sam Boraie Gave the City Of New Brunswick a New Look

As one of the vice presidents of Boraie Development Company, the real estate developer plays the crucial role of identifying development projects. Sam is connected to the numerous real estate projects in New Brunswick, New Jersey,, and many other cities within the state.

Sam Boraie is well known for giving the city of New Brunswick a new and more attractive look. He told NJ Biz about his inspiration to give the city a better shape originated from how unsafe it looked at night when everybody went back to his or her homes. He bought into the dreams of his father, Omar Boraie. Many years ago, the town had more than 20 dilapidated and vacant buildings.

Boraie Development. LLC bought all these houses one by one. After all the plans for the location had been finalized, they were shared with the city authorities. The majority of the people who interacted with the idea of rebuilding the city did not believe in the possibility of it happening. However, the development company was looking at the future.

For the last few years, Sam has played a significant role in the construction of several inner-city buildings. The Aspire Project, a 238 unit high rise located close to the New Brunswick Train Station, and the One Spring Street Project are among the company’s completed projects. Sam also participated in the construction of a 25 story, multi-use space measuring 400,000 square feet. The building consists of residential units with owners, roof deck, a health club and numerous other amenities.

The Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City is yet another project made up of 250 residential units. It is located in proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Boardwalk. Apart from the projects in New Brunswick, Sam Boraie spearheaded real estate investment in Newark and Atlantic City. Albany St. Plaza is an office space project featuring 250,000 square feet, and a retail space measuring 20,000 square feet. For more news on Boraie Development Company, refer to

Sam’s other passions

Apart from his ability to build, manage and sell real estate projects, Sam is a city leader who finds pleasure in devoting his time and finances to the community. Elijah’s Promise, a non-profit organization that feeds and economically empowers the hungry is one of his passions. Besides being a major donor, he is one of the board members of the organization.


White Shark Media: Digital Marketing With Teeth

It was a long search finding an SEO company that actually delivered on its promises, one that’s taken me most of my 8 years doing business in our online world. Most of the time I’ve just found my money flowing out of my pocket, and very little results seen flowing back in. Needless to say, I was getting a bit tired of wasting money and started to wonder if maybe it was just my business model.


White Shark Media managed to turn all that around, they took the time to really analyze my business, my target customers, and my online presence to see what they could accomplish. The results were, needless to say, absolutely phenomenal. They brought concepts to me that hadn’t even been mentioned previously, and then implemented them in a way that brought my business back to life again.


It didn’t take long for me to ranking well in Google, and their constant vigilance has made them one of the most important partners I have for my company. I can’t even begin to express how much it set my mind at ease to learn that there was a company I could rely on to handle my marketing needs. They’ve never left me in a lurch either, they are transparent, respond quickly, and always make me feel like a valued customer.


If you’re tired of pouring money into SEO ventures that fail, it’s time to get White Shark on your side.

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Jack of all Trades

The founder of Ascendant Capital, which is an alternative investment firm that sources leading real estate, private equity, and hedge funds, Jeffry Schneider is a person of many talents, and he isn’t afraid of a challenge. Though his business is newly growing, he has been around for some time. Jeffry’s been busy making a name for himself in the alternative investment community. Before becoming the CEO of Ascendant Capital, Mr. Schneider spent 24 years climbing his way up the career ladder. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and from there he was given the opportunity to work for companies like Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. In addition to working with some of the top leading financial service firms, Jeffry had the chance to work with Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. In just five years Mr. Schneider has taken a dream and made it into a reality. Ascendant Capital has grown from two individuals to thirty employees, and it is continuing to grow. Together they have raised nearly a billion dollars on behalf of several managers. The funding went towards auto dealerships, real estate, tech companies and more. Jeffry and his team are now striving to raise $50 Million on a monthly basis.


a number of

  1. Schneider not only runs a successful business, but he also contributes to society in other ways. Jeffry and his growing team at Ascendant Capital have had the pleasure of working with a number of charitable organizations. They enjoy helping serve communities around the world. Mr. Schneider has had the freedom to work with and aid financial support to organizations such as God Loves We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, Cherokee Home for Children, and the Gazelle Foundation. Jeffry is a firm believer in helping out the fellow men and women amongst him.


When Mr. Jeffry Schneider isn’t engaged with the community, he is most likely traveling around the world or spending quality time with his family, or doing both. Jeffry has spent time in parts of Asia, Europe, and South America. While he was touring Rural Thailand, he learned about the local culture’s friendly and giving demeanor. It became one of his favorite countries to visit. As Jeffry travels around the world, he sometimes finds himself competing in marathons or other athletic events to help pass the time. While on a trip to New Zealand, Jeffry competed in a full Ironman competition. He discovered that in order to participate in these types of athletic events he has to keep his body in excellent shape. Jeffry also vows to eat clean foods in order to maintain a strong body. In addition to all of his successes, Jeffry has participated in multiple endurance events across the globe, including a few half Ironman challenges and several marathons. He is what we would call a “Jack of all Trades.”


Business Principles

Josh Verne, the Chief Executive Officer and president of is a highly experienced man. He has worked in the business industry for more than twenty years gaining valuable knowledge. He majors in starting a business venture, growing it and finally selling it to safe hands. Josh Verne favourite quote is derived from Johnathan Swift and states that vision is a knack of seeing what is not seen to others.


He says that there are two different people in managerial positions, a leader and a boss. A boss is a manager who uses his title for the accomplishment of his goals while demanding respect from his peers. A leader is a manager who earns his peers respect. This is by listening to them and placing their opinions ahead of his. The objectives of the business are set after consulting with his juniors. If you aspire to succeed in life, being a leader is your only option.


Josh Verne continues that an entrepreneur should never sign a deal that leads to a win or lose situation. He should always be on the lookout for a win-win situation. If you settle for any possibility apart from win-win, an entrepreneur is forced to always come up with an ideal solution to any problem faced.


With an example of humans having one mouth and two ears, it is clear that a business person should listen more and speak less. A person should also balance all aspects of life. Having money does not mean that you will be happy. Having a healthy body and a happy family is the ultimate happiness.