Paul Mampilly Foresees Boom in Precision Medicine

Paul Mampilly has spent over 25 years researching stocks and investment trends. Thanks to his diligent hard work, he has helped his wealthy clients and hedge fund customers build even larger fortunes. A few years ago, he grew tired of the Wall Street rat race. He wanted to spend more time with his family. And he grew tired of helping the already-rich grow even larger fortunes. He wanted to help average, hardworking professionals and small businesspeople build their wealth so they would have a comfortable retirement.

He started out in 1991 as an analyst for such major banks as Deutsche Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotlant, ING and Bankers Trust. He’s worked for the aristocracy of Europe and for private Swiss banks. He’s covered healthcare and biotechnology stocks as a portfolio manager. He has helped to manage a $23 billion mutual fund. In 2008, Barron’s named his $6 billion hedge fund one of the best in the world. He entered a prestigious investing contest put on by the Templeton Foundation. Despite the Great Recession when all asset classes around the world collapsed in price, he turned $50 million into $88 million, and did it without shorting.

In 2014, Mampilly wrote an interesting article predicting a long-term boom in biotech stocks even though, at the time, many “experts” said the biotechnology sector was in a “bubble.” Certainly, stock prices were up, but so was the quality of the products many of these companies produced.

Mampilly pointed out that biotech products affect everybody. We’re all vulnerable to various diseases and medical problems. If we have an illness, we want the cure, especially when it’s a life-threatening illness.

And biotech is new, going back only to 1980. Before healthcare simply didn’t know enough. Now, new research continues to discover new things about our biologies and how to use that information to treat diseases. As he points out, just 20 years ago, chronic myeloid leukemia was a death sentence. An effective treatment did not exist. Then some dedicated scientists discovered a compound that inhibits the tyrosine protein inhibitor of CML. They had to push a major pharmaceutical firm to fund clinical trials. But when they carried out those trials, the results were so spectacular that the FDA approved Gleevec in record time. Today, many thousands of people manage their CML simply by taking one pill a day, with almost no side effects.

And many companies are now looking for other kinase inhibitors and other types of drugs to cure various forms of cancer.

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Adam Milstein Helps Those Who Want to Better Understand Business and Being Good at It

When you are a partner in a business, you have to have respect and know what each partner is good at. Adam Milstein is someone who knows first hand about respect and about what his partner is good at. While being interviewed, Adam spoke about the people that he believes have influenced him the most. The person he choose is his partner, David Hager. He speaks about how smart he is, how he is always ahead in the game by two steps and that he believes in his visions.

During the interview, Adam Milstein is asked about the last $100 he has spent. He is asked about what he spent it on and why he spent it. His reply was easy and quick to answer. It was his family. The last time he spent that kind of money, he spent it on taking his family to dinner. He knows that the one thing that is most important in life is family.

When Adam Milstein is asked about making mistakes as an entrepreneur, he offers this advice. Do not think that putting all your money into one thing is going to make you money immediately. It will take time and patience before you will see a return on your investment. Adam made this mistake himself when he was first getting into business.

When Adam was in school, he began selling art to the Israel temples. At first, Adam saw success from what he was doing- so much so that he put all his money into purchasing a large amount of art. When it slowed down and there was very little business, Adam had to wait patiently as the inventory that he had himself sold. So, the one thing that he tells people to not do, don’t place all your money into one thing immediately.

The one thing that Adam Milstein does tell you to do over and over again, understand what you are working on. Also, it is okay to ask others for help but you cannot rely on others to do your business. You have to be able to be a portion of the solution to understand the problem completely and know what it takes to fix the problem.


Matt Badiali Continues To Be An Industry Driving Force

When it comes to natural resources, no one knows the field better than Matt Badiali. He committed himself to studying natural resources for several decades. The industry considers him to be an expert in mining, agricultural industries, and energy. His experience includes job stints on oil drill rigs, and he has also owned oil wells. He has also explored abandoned mines to determine if they hold any potential for reinvestment.

Badiali’s research has taken him on adventures around the world to places as far away as the Yukon, Singapore, Iraq, Hong Kong and New Guinea. He has also spent a considerable amount of time in the deserts of Mexico. He feels that the only way to experience a region is to see it up close and personal.

Personal inspection makes for a safe investment according to As such, he spends a great deal of time meeting with experts in the field that include investors, company CEOs, and metal experts. He does this to stay at the top of his game concerning trends, industry news, and state-of-the-art technology.

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Some of the notable personalities he has met and shared knowledge with include T. Boone Pickens and Ross Beaty. His experience also includes teaching Geology at Duke University and the University of North Carolina according to

Badiali is also the editor of the S&A Report. The report places focus on investment strategies for copper, natural gas, uranium, oil, gold, and water. He also contributes regularly to Growth Stock Wire, which offers briefings on pre-market conditions for the most potentially profitable trading opportunities in real time. His professional hats include geologist, consultant to the oil industry, and hydrologist.

His success is also the result of an excellent education. Badiali received a Master’s degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. His commitment, experience, and energy continue to be a driving force.

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