How Bumble Has Been A Roaring Success Under Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Leadership

Whitney Wolfe Herd is an American entrepreneur in the technology industry. She founded Bumble which is a dating app with a unique twist. Only women can initiate contact when using Bumble which saves them from receiving unwanted attention. As the chief executive officer of the company, Whitney has led the company to a valuation of over $1 billion. She launched this company in 2014 and it is based in the capital of Texas, Austin.

Building upon the success of the dating app Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd spearheaded another app called Bumble Bizz. This app makes it easier to establish a professional network. Users of the app can add their resumes, photos, skills, and provide examples of things they have worked on. Unlike Linkedin, it is not for job searching or recruiting but rather it is a way for professionals to network and find mentoring opportunities.

In November 2017, Forbes released their annual 30 Under 30. This listing celebrates people who have achieved great success in their industry while being under the age of 30. Whitney Wolfe Herd was not just among the 30 people honored this year but was the one chosen to grace the magazine cover. The article talks about how the Bumble app now has more than 22 million registered users which makes it already the 2nd biggest dating app after just three years of existence. The article also mentions how her company started monetizing the app in August 2016 and it generated about $100 million in sales in 2016 up through November. This number is expected to be twice that in 2018.

In her personal life, Whitney Wolfe Herd recently got married in Southern Italy. Her husband is Michael Herd who works in the oil and natural gas industry and owns a number of restaurants. They met in the 2013 holiday season when both came across each other in Aspen, Colorado while vacationing. After skiing down a mountain she met him and during their conversation he admitted he didn’t know how to ski. She took him up on the offer to teach him how and before long they were dating.

Eric Lefofsky and CancerLinQ – Beating Cancer Together

Eric Lefofsky is a leading name in the technological world but it might be surprising to hear his name in the medical field, but it’s becoming much more prominent. Mr. Lefofsky has teamed up with CancerLinQ to help bring big data to cancer treatment.

This tech genius propelled his name into the spotlight as the co-founder of Groupon as well as several other companies. His current company, Tempus, specializes in health tech to modernize cancer treatment. Mr. Lefofsky has used his skills and his wealth to help build a large database that will analyze patterns in cancer cases. Tempus has also teamed up with Precision Health AI to build the largest cancer care data library in the world

Mr. Lefofsky isn’t a new face to the medical world. He and his wife, Liz, have created and run the Lefofsky Family Foundation, and also donate large amounts of their personal funds to cancer charities. They have pledged to donate at least half their wealth to philanthropic endeavors over their lifetimes.

With such forward and progressive thinking, Eric is using his skills and technology to help propel cancer research and care forward. In his blog, Eric points out that with the advances being made to map the human genome, medicine can become a much more personalized field. Understanding the genome will allow doctors to build specified and individualized treatment for each patient. With these customized treatments, there will be less side effects and a higher survival rate.

The use of technology in medicine is not a new concept, but it will continue to move the field forward. It takes innovative thinkers combining new as well as proven technology with the passion and drive of the medical community to bring about these changes.

If the combination of Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus and CancerLinQ are an indication to the future of cancer care, we are on the right track.

About Eric:

Partnering With Market America As an Entrepreneur Elevates Revenue and Prestige

When Market America customers look for the best products, they have an assortment of the most-exclusive selections online at Market America has become the number one choice for online shoppers looking for high-quality products and service, but at prices they can afford.

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Entrepreneurs choose to partner with Market America as independent partners because the company provides a great opportunity to operate a business without the pressure and responsibilities that typically come with owning a business. Through the company’s Unfranchise partnership agreement, independent partners receive a wealth of support, training and exclusive information about the latest products that will be available on This enables those business owners to focus more on succeeding rather than administrative tasks that usually requires a lot more time than is desirable or optimal for attaining business goals. Independent partners have been paid in access of $2.2 billion in online sales commission within the last 25 years of the company’s history using a business model that works.

Market America has celebrated 300 millionaires who have partnered through the Unfranchise business. The Million Dollar Club is a perfect example of the proven realization that can occur when entrepreneurs enter into a business agreement with the company. Naturally, not everyone makes it to the Million Dollar Club, but through perseverance, commitment and a passion for serving customers, the entrepreneurs who have the potential can reach their destiny. Because of a supportive team environment throughout the Unfranchise network, other business owners are not only inspired by the results, but they encourage each other for succeeding.

This type of team spirit and enthusiasm for others’ success can be seen and felt at the annual Market America events. Each year, the company celebrates and awards independent partners for their hard work. In 2018, the company will hold its first ever event in Southeast Asia.