A New Dog in the Neighborhood

A few days ago I took a walk to the store to get a gallon of milk for dinner. Because of what I found on my way to the store, I had to change my grocery list around a little bit. Instead of grabbing milk and a pack of cigarettes for my husband, I came out with those items plus a large bag of Purina Beneful. The reasoning behind my purchase of Beneful is because on my walk I found a small, docile dog just laying on the sidewalk. She wasn’t hurt at all, but you could tell she was lonely and very hungry. Instead of turning my cheek I patted my upper thigh so she would get up and follow me to the store. Once we got there she waited patiently for me while I picked her up some dinner.

On the shelves of the walmart store they had a new brand called Freshpet, which I had just recently heard about online. This dog food uses fresh meat and vegetables so that the food tastes just as delicious as the meals I prepare at home. Just because I felt bad for this poor dog, I made sure to pick up a few containers of Freshpet as a treat. I also knew that the fresh products in the food would help her get back to good health quickly. Anything that does not have a bunch of additives in it will surely make anyone healthy.

When I brought the dog home to my husband that night I was rather surprised at his response. Instead of becoming flustered, he welcomed the dog with open arms and asked if we were going to keep her. As soon as he asked the question, I held up the bag of Beneful dry dog food and shook it. As soon as the dog heard the shake, she immediately started wagging her tail which made us both smile ear to ear.



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