Beneful Dog Foods Carried at All Walmarts

Yes, Walmart carries a wide variety of both wet and dry foods from the company Beneful. Beneful foods at Walmart vary in price depending on what type of food is being purchased and how much the quantity in the bag is. For starters, a basic 15.5-pound bag of general Purina Beneful Original with Real Beef Dry Dog Food is $13.98. Walmart generally does NOT offer specials as their prices are already advertised at “rock bottom” pricing. The only hope of a sale is manufacturer coupons which do come out frequently and are accepted, or “rollbacks”.

Yes, Walmart carries both dry and wet foods from the company Beneful. They also carry Beneful dry dog food with real ingredients, which only costs $33.58 for a 40-pound bag. They also have this product available on website if it is not in stock at the store nearest you. Order it to be delivered to your store to pick it up for free! Order over $25 and they will ship it to your house for free!


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