Business Principles

Josh Verne, the Chief Executive Officer and president of is a highly experienced man. He has worked in the business industry for more than twenty years gaining valuable knowledge. He majors in starting a business venture, growing it and finally selling it to safe hands. Josh Verne favourite quote is derived from Johnathan Swift and states that vision is a knack of seeing what is not seen to others.


He says that there are two different people in managerial positions, a leader and a boss. A boss is a manager who uses his title for the accomplishment of his goals while demanding respect from his peers. A leader is a manager who earns his peers respect. This is by listening to them and placing their opinions ahead of his. The objectives of the business are set after consulting with his juniors. If you aspire to succeed in life, being a leader is your only option.


Josh Verne continues that an entrepreneur should never sign a deal that leads to a win or lose situation. He should always be on the lookout for a win-win situation. If you settle for any possibility apart from win-win, an entrepreneur is forced to always come up with an ideal solution to any problem faced.


With an example of humans having one mouth and two ears, it is clear that a business person should listen more and speak less. A person should also balance all aspects of life. Having money does not mean that you will be happy. Having a healthy body and a happy family is the ultimate happiness.


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