Adam Milstein Launched Creative Meme Competition for Pro-Israel memes

If you are pro-Israel and have thoughts, opinions or ideas you would like to get out – you can save the Facebook rant and potentially earn a cash prize by entering the Adam Milstein Meme Competition. The competition opened July 28th and will remain open for submissions until august 3rd. The competition is designed by Adam Milstein and the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation along with several other pro-Israel and Jewish groups to be a fun and moderately lighthearted way to experess thoughts about pro-Israel issues. Adam Milstein recognized that memes are becoming a viable means of expression for younger generations like Millenialls and Gen Z and should be treated in an according manner.

The Adam Milstein Meme Competition is open to anyone globally who is pro-Israel. There are little to no rules for the compeition other than that each person can submit a maximum of 5 memes total. Designers of memes are encouraged to get creative and express themselves. The tone can be as serious or as non-serious as the designer would like.

The open call for pro-Israel memes will last until August third and then a public judging portion will begin through Facebook. As the memes are shared, people are encouraged to “vote” by posting a Facebook reaction – whether that is a like, a happy face, a sad face, laughter or even anger – it is up to the voter to decide how that meme makes them feel. The memes that fare the best reaction-wise will move to the next round.

The next and final round of judging for the Adam Milstein Meme Competition will consist of a handful of pro-Israel activists judging the finalists and ranking them in order. The finalists will split a cash prize of $2,000 based on how their rank came out.

Hundreds of memes have already been submitted! They can be viewed here and that same link is also where to go to submit your own memes. Don’t forget: the Adam Milstein Meme Competition for pro-Israel Memes is open worldwide and will remain open only until Thursday August 3rd. Happy meme-ing!