The Rise Of Anthony Petrello-CEO Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello commonly known as Tony by friends and family is an experienced executive in the energy sector, serving as the CEO of the Nabors Industries. This is the largest oil drilling fleet in America, and in several international markets. He has a long history at the Nabors having served at different, such as Chief Operating Officer in 1991, Deputy Chairman in 2003, among other positions. In addition to his service in the energy sector, Petrello sits as the director of the Hilcorp Energy Company.

Under his leadership, Petrello has enabled the Nabors industries to provide directional drilling services, and innovative technologies to other drilling companies in the world. This has greatly contributed to the rise of the company’s share price to 180%.The company also acquired a tremendous portfolio ,diverse culture, and a multi- talented workforce. Through appreciating this workforce in accordance to work ethics, Nabors workers follow in the steps of their leader Petrello, by setting an excellent operational transformation in the industry.

The rise in the managerial ranks is an indication that Petrello is committed to his work, and that is why he is excelling. Moreover, it’s an indication that must be educated, for him to lead such a performing and popular company. Indeed, this is right as he holds a Juris Doctor from the Harvard Law School, and a Master’s degree in mathematics from Yale. This laid a platform for his first job in law firms, like the Baker and McKenzie, before his resignation in 1991.Most people would wonder how and why he diverted his career. This is because of his multifaceted nature and also his background in corporate taxes, at the Baker and McKenzie firms that has further influenced his current position.

Growing up from a humble family and rising to be among the highest paid CEO in America, shows how Petrello gives it all in his endeavors. His background also explains why he gives it all when serving the community through donations. Petrello is a philanthropist associated with research institutes, such as the Texas Children’s hospital. This donation fund the research at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Institute, to help children with periventricular leukomalacia.


Business Principles

Josh Verne, the Chief Executive Officer and president of is a highly experienced man. He has worked in the business industry for more than twenty years gaining valuable knowledge. He majors in starting a business venture, growing it and finally selling it to safe hands. Josh Verne favourite quote is derived from Johnathan Swift and states that vision is a knack of seeing what is not seen to others.


He says that there are two different people in managerial positions, a leader and a boss. A boss is a manager who uses his title for the accomplishment of his goals while demanding respect from his peers. A leader is a manager who earns his peers respect. This is by listening to them and placing their opinions ahead of his. The objectives of the business are set after consulting with his juniors. If you aspire to succeed in life, being a leader is your only option.


Josh Verne continues that an entrepreneur should never sign a deal that leads to a win or lose situation. He should always be on the lookout for a win-win situation. If you settle for any possibility apart from win-win, an entrepreneur is forced to always come up with an ideal solution to any problem faced.


With an example of humans having one mouth and two ears, it is clear that a business person should listen more and speak less. A person should also balance all aspects of life. Having money does not mean that you will be happy. Having a healthy body and a happy family is the ultimate happiness.