Personalizing Nutrition – IDLife’s Approach to Reducing Obesity and Improving Health

A majority of Americans have been determined to be suffering from excess body weight and obesity. Obesity has left most of these people prone to medical, social, financial, and personal difficulties. It has also boosted the health and wellness industry as more and more people become health-conscious and endeavor to lose weight.Unfortunately, most of the highly praised supplements do not always work as well as marketed. However, IDLife is seeking to change this with its personalized approach.

Personalizing Supplements

No two people are entirely alike. As such, the idea that one product can work for all people is not ideal. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why most overweight people are losing faith in supplements.

IDLife has taken a new approach by personalizing supplements for each of its clients. It takes the initiative to learn more about its clients and comes up with the ideal supplements for them. It considers factors such as body mass and nutrient intake, among others. Amazingly, the company already has a vast base of clients, and the idea is proving effective.

A General Improvement

In addition to personalizing supplements, IDLife also improves the overall quality of the supplements. Considering that the health and wellness industry runs into billions of dollars, many unscrupulous manufacturers have been selling sub standard supplements that are not only ineffective but also potentially unhealthy.

IDLife is setting the standard in this particular field by producing only the best-quality supplements. It extracts nutrients from organic sources and does not apply the use of chemical preservatives. IDLife has invested in the best technology in the industry, and all its strategies are backed and proven by science. And, in spite of their superior quality, these supplements are fairly priced to make them available for everyone.

To this end, the overall goal of IDLife is to help mitigate the risks of obesity and improving the general population’s health.

About IDLife

IDLife is one of the fastest growing health and wellness companies in the industry today. It is set apart by its emphasis on quality and precision. To this end, it is transforming the industry by introducing the idea of personalization of nutritional supplements. The company is also setting a standard for quality nutritional supplements as well as affordability.
IDLife is owned and run by Logan Stout, a passionate athlete, and believer in better health and wellness. He is inspired by his career as an athlete to improve the lives of people suffering from overweight and obesity.

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How IDLife is Providing Nutritional Health Solutions through Supplements

Generally, people have different perception about healthy living. There are a number of market options that one can take to stay healthy, and one effective option for healthy living is the nutrition supplements. IDLife is focused on changing people’s perception with respect to the health subject. They believe that you can enjoy weight loss and get to have an energetic body. Their products range from workout supplements to weight managers. They prioritize on providing safe health solutions in diet and workout supplements.

About IDLife

IDLife is a health company that focuses on customized health nutrition. The brand was founded in 2014 under the pillar of nutritional need and its mission is to provide the highest quality programs and products to help interested individuals to live a healthier life. They offer consumable supplements that are healthy and safe. The headquarters of IDLife are in Frisco Texas, and currently, the company is enjoying massive global following. Overall, IDLife specializes in the following:

The Benefits of IDLife Diet Supplements
• Health and wellness
• Fitness supplements
• Nutritional supplements
• Customized vitamins
• Protein shakes
• Hydration solutions
• Sleep Aids

Most customers rate the nutritional supplements from IDLIfe as safe and workable. The diet vitamins are organic, and thus, non-GMO. Unlike other supplements out there which are synthetic, these vitamins are veggie-based and thus easily absorbed by the body system.

The vitamins are able to enhance health benefits in you such as diseased protection and boosted appetite. The products are FDA-approved to be highly potent and safe. They are GMO-free, Casein-free, Gluten-free, and Soy-free. Generally, the nutritional benefits that you stand to enjoy when using the supplements include:


• Proper weight management
• Increased energy
• Improved immunity
• Enhanced metabolism
• Bone and joint health
• Improved mental clarity

On the nutritional front, IDLife is important in providing nutritional health to major health issues. They also offer supplements to enhance workout performance and physical energy. The supplements help you achieve an overall improved health and body performance. The solutions are organic and safe for body absorption. Basically, IDLife supplements are ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

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Major U.S. Food Operations and Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is one of the largest US food suppliers that delivers their food products globally. Food service, retailers and businesses alike use OSI Group’s services; Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Pizza Hut are some of the many food-chains that OSI has worked with.

OSI has custom food product development for clients as well as global food chain management, making themselves a direct and effective tool for food and beverage companies.

Other interests that OSI has taken include Sheldon Lavin, who is the CEO and Chairman of the company. Before joining OSI, Sheldon Lavin assisted Otto & Sons Company with financial consultation, in 1970. Otto & Sons Company ws looking to partner with McDonald’s as their meat supplier. Later on, Otto & Sons expanded into OSI Group in the late 70s.

Holding a Finance and Accounting Degree, Lavin has brought much use and success to himself and OSI. Lavin is an active Philanthropist, working with companies like the Inner City Foundation and the Jewish United Fund.

He has won a Global Visionary Award from India, which honors visionaries from around the world who have brought their dreams to fruition.

With the Global Visionary Award and a healthy career in finance, Sheldon Lavin assisted OSI Group with an impressive expansion, bringing the company into a multi-billion dollar industry as food processor.

OSI Group now has over 20,000 employees and 65 global facilities across 17 countries, and their Energy Reduction Initiative in North America has continued to expand into their facilities across the states, leading their company into further expansion efficiency.

This also allowed them the chance to win the Green Business Award for their Riverside, California location. The award was given to OSI for upgrading items such as efficient lighting, premium efficiency motors, and a wastewater reduction plan.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group continues to bring the food industry to higher standards through clean and green facility functions, possible expansion to other countries and companies, and providing simple yet effective services and optimizations of their abilities.

The Rise Of Anthony Petrello-CEO Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello commonly known as Tony by friends and family is an experienced executive in the energy sector, serving as the CEO of the Nabors Industries. This is the largest oil drilling fleet in America, and in several international markets. He has a long history at the Nabors having served at different, such as Chief Operating Officer in 1991, Deputy Chairman in 2003, among other positions. In addition to his service in the energy sector, Petrello sits as the director of the Hilcorp Energy Company.

Under his leadership, Petrello has enabled the Nabors industries to provide directional drilling services, and innovative technologies to other drilling companies in the world. This has greatly contributed to the rise of the company’s share price to 180%.The company also acquired a tremendous portfolio ,diverse culture, and a multi- talented workforce. Through appreciating this workforce in accordance to work ethics, Nabors workers follow in the steps of their leader Petrello, by setting an excellent operational transformation in the industry.

The rise in the managerial ranks is an indication that Petrello is committed to his work, and that is why he is excelling. Moreover, it’s an indication that must be educated, for him to lead such a performing and popular company. Indeed, this is right as he holds a Juris Doctor from the Harvard Law School, and a Master’s degree in mathematics from Yale. This laid a platform for his first job in law firms, like the Baker and McKenzie, before his resignation in 1991.Most people would wonder how and why he diverted his career. This is because of his multifaceted nature and also his background in corporate taxes, at the Baker and McKenzie firms that has further influenced his current position.

Growing up from a humble family and rising to be among the highest paid CEO in America, shows how Petrello gives it all in his endeavors. His background also explains why he gives it all when serving the community through donations. Petrello is a philanthropist associated with research institutes, such as the Texas Children’s hospital. This donation fund the research at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Institute, to help children with periventricular leukomalacia.


Business Principles

Josh Verne, the Chief Executive Officer and president of is a highly experienced man. He has worked in the business industry for more than twenty years gaining valuable knowledge. He majors in starting a business venture, growing it and finally selling it to safe hands. Josh Verne favourite quote is derived from Johnathan Swift and states that vision is a knack of seeing what is not seen to others.


He says that there are two different people in managerial positions, a leader and a boss. A boss is a manager who uses his title for the accomplishment of his goals while demanding respect from his peers. A leader is a manager who earns his peers respect. This is by listening to them and placing their opinions ahead of his. The objectives of the business are set after consulting with his juniors. If you aspire to succeed in life, being a leader is your only option.


Josh Verne continues that an entrepreneur should never sign a deal that leads to a win or lose situation. He should always be on the lookout for a win-win situation. If you settle for any possibility apart from win-win, an entrepreneur is forced to always come up with an ideal solution to any problem faced.


With an example of humans having one mouth and two ears, it is clear that a business person should listen more and speak less. A person should also balance all aspects of life. Having money does not mean that you will be happy. Having a healthy body and a happy family is the ultimate happiness.