How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Has Become a Huge Brand

From the time that Fabletics first started, they have continued to be one of the best brands that people have ever seen. The idea behind Fabletics is that they offer convenient solutions for all of their customers. They know shopping can be an annoying task so they do what they can to make things easier on all their customers. It is part of what has made the brand special and the reason why they are among the best. For Fabletics to do this, they have to make sure they are offering only the best options for their customers. They want all of them to have the best experience possible.


Because Fabletics knows what they are doing, they are confident they can be the best retailer in the business. They want to pass up Amazon in the ecommerce market for fashion and they believe they can do that. Kate Hudson stands behind the brand so they feel they have that as an advantage. Fabletics is hoping to make all the best changes possible so they won’t have to deal with all the issues that would traditionally come with having a clothing brand no matter where they are located or what they are doing.


Despite people not understanding it, the Lifestyle Quiz is a necessary part of the Fabletics operation. People won’t get the most customized outfits if they don’t take the style quiz. The point of the site is to have a customized outfit that makes shopping easier so taking the quiz is a necessary part of the experience with Fabletics. In fact, it is one of the most important parts. People cannot skip this part if they want to shop with Fabletics because they have to do it before they can even sign up for the company.


In addition to having the convenience that comes with a reverse showroom, visitors will also have the chance to enjoy all the benefits of having a subscription service. This will allow them the chance to truly get the most convenient shopping experience. It may also help them discover something they never even knew about when they were working on different things. Fabletics has made it easier for women to shop and get what they want out of the fashion industry. They want them to be happy with the clothes they have to offer and the clothes they send right to their door every month.

The Inspiration Behind Fabletics

Actress Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics in 2013. Usually, celebrity-owned businesses don’t do that well because the celebrity doesn’t know what they’re doing. Fabletics found success in an already dominated market thanks to Kate Hudson’s genius; not her celebrity. Within the first three years of operation, Fabletics became a $250 million revenue stream.

Fabletics uses a personalized subscription mechanic that’s led to 1.2 million members. Having such success in the e-commerce market, it’s no wonder the brand now has 18 retail stores. Members just can’t seem to get enough of the on-trend fashion at half the price of other brands.

No matter how successful Fabletics becomes, no one at the company forgets what they’re there. Until Fabletics, there were no companies making on-trend activewear at affordable prices for every woman. For some reason, people don’t believe that big girls want to be healthier. Hudson wanted to make all women feel encouraged to take that first step toward getting healthy.

That’s why Fabletics produces products for all women, regardless of size, age, or health status. Fabletics products are not just for looking good but also for feeling good. Recently, Fabletics took another big step by adding plus size products to their site.

Finding success in a dominated market was not easy. Hudson had to use a number of business and personal skills learned throughout her life. The first step to success is the same for all business ventures: identify any and all market opportunities. When it came to activewear, being one of the few companies selling fashionable products for half the price was a wide-open market.

Also, Hudson remains hands on. She goes over sales numbers and attends every meeting to make sure that everyone’s on the same page. She even works with her marketing team to up with creative and innovative ways to show members that Fabletics is for every woman.

The greatest Hudson lives by is living her passion. Life is too short to focus on fears and doubts. She learned from her mother to follow her dreams and take risks. It’s because of her fearlessness that Fabletics exists.

That energy is what Fabletics brings to its members. Members get to take their own journey at their pace. It’s why there are so many styles on Fabletics; to slowly inspire instead of forcing.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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The Future of Connections with Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is the proud founder of Bumble. Her primary goal was to enhance connections for women across the world. As the Bumble’s chief executive officer, Wolfe successfully launched the Bumble BFF extension recently and predicts to roll out an extension of Bumble Bizz intended for professional women soon. Born in 1990 in Utah, Whitney attended Southern Methodist University. With her love for entrepreneurship, Wolfe rolled out her first business venture before she even completed her college education.

She initially made bamboo totes and sold them with the intention of benefiting cleanup and rescue causes after the BP oil spill. Wolfe’s bags turned out to be a huge success after celebrities such as Rachel Zoe, and Nicole Richie were once spotted using them. With her passion and profound love for charity, Whitney Wolfe moved to the Southeast of Asia after her college education. In Asia, she worked with various orphanages. Wolfe has been instrumental in several start-ups including Tinder and Cardify before she put all her focus on Bumble. Her most renowned application now ranks in the fourth position on the list of among the most popular dating applications in the country.

Whitney Wolfe invented the original Bumble app to assist in empowering women by enhancing their own self-driven decisions. The BFF extension of the Bumble also strives to empower women in other ways. The idea behind the BFF extension is that women, who after their college education moved to large cities, away from their families and friends, find it hard to connect and make new friends in addition to lacking people to take care of them in case of emergencies. However, with the Bumble BFF extension, it has been easier for such women to find compatible friends.

Wolfe also created the Bumble BFF to give women a networking way. Since Bumble is among the leading feminist dating apps, it comes in not as a surprise that Whitney Wolfe desired to empower women through professional and friendship networks. In estimation, there are more than 10 million swipes every month on both Bumble and Bumble BFF. In 2014, Wolfe made it to the Business Insider’s list of 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech. In 2016, Elle Magazine named her among several Elle’s Women.

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The Advantages of Shopping Fabletics

Some people are all about the spotlight and, to be honest, everybody is quite alright with it! Kate Hudson regularly enjoys giving interviews–especially when she can express her important life views and opinions. In an interview conducted and covered by Elle Magazine, Hudson gave all the details pertaining to her workout life and how it has contributed to her success as the face of their important announcement on Facebook.

For those of you who may not know, Fabletics is a clothing line that sells athletic wear and athleisure wear. The line’s ability to transform women from gym ready to nightlife fabulous in less than seconds contributes to its success, appreciation, and general admiration from the public. Clothes for each season are available through Fabletics, and Hudson steadily remains as the face to a name, all while offering her undying support for the line’s message.

A brief moment was taken during the interview for Hudson to snack on her popcorn (which she asked permission to do, by the way), but when the fun continued, plenty of information was provided. After a chuckle, Hudson explained that she maintains her body through rigorous exercise, including pilates, yoga, and jogging. Though she admits her trainer sometimes needs to get her motivated, Hudson very much appreciates the act of exercising and the feelings it provides her with.

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“I actually really believe in cleansing, but I don’t believe in long cleansing, over 10 days is just too much,” said Hudson. She continued with stating that dieting and exercise are hard enough without any added pressure, and that people need time to figure out their goals and how to accomplish them. Thank you for the insight, Kate, but what about the launch of Fabletics? Basically, what started the brand?

Without a doubt, Fabletics was established as a means to motivate women of all sizes, backgrounds, and determinations. Patterns, like tribal prints and snakeskin, punctuate pieces, and supportive cross-back tops guarantee the freedom of movement all while looking trendy. The idea behind the project was to motivate women to get active without having them feel frumpy or broke after spending traditional prices for quality workout gear. References:

Athleisure for Fabletics Fans

There is so much talk about athleisure and the way that the Fabletics brand has taken off. Kate Hudson may not be the one that that invented the concept of athleisure on, but the Fabletics brand has certainly thrived as the company that has helped transform the brand. The popular form of athletic and leisure wear has become exactly what so many workout enthusiasts have been looking for.

Fabletics has made it a priority to get some of the best designers in place, and they came up with some interesting pieces for females. When Kate Hudson spoke with Marie Claire it was evident that there was a buzz in the air about the variety of Fabletics clothing. There was talk about bathing suits. There was the mention of other core products like dresses that have built-in bras. The company also sells leggings and active wear.
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Fabletics on Pinterest

So often people will get a gym membership and have a need to bring gym clothes.  They may want to workout, but they may not feel comfortable changing in the dressing rooms. That is why the athleisure is so popular. Someone that has been out during the day for lunch or simply hanging out in these shared clothes can go straight to the gym and start working out. This saves time. This also saves money. There is no need to buy separate gym clothes. You can get everything that you need with a couple of Fabletics leggings, tights and tops.

Many people have become fans of the brand because Kate Hudson has been the force behind – and in front – of the brand. She has won awards for her diligence, and she had modeled many of the pieces that are sold on the website. Hudson has a big part to play in the way that Fabletics operates. She is the co-founder that has build a solid clothing line.

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