Securus Technologies Is Striving To Make Communities Much Safer Than Ever Before

Securus Technologies is offering inmates an opportunity in which they can speak to their visitors safely through a communications program that has been designed and engineered with their best interests in its mind. If you have not been made aware of what Securus Technologies is, then it may be beneficial for you to continue reading further.


Securus Technologies is a program that is offering both parties of inmates and their visitors an opportunity in which they can speak to one another through means of videoconferencing, in what many will consider to be a much more convenient way of communicating in comparison to traditional forms of visitation in which visitors physically visit inmates at their locations of confinement.


If you are wanting to learn more about The communicative program that is being offered by Securus Technologies, it may benefit you to visit their website, as there are many pertinent details in it.


Inmates and their visitors who untilize the form of video conferencing sessions that are provided by Securus Technologies are not the only ones benefiting from the program, as entire communities are as well due to law enforcement agencies having capabilities of utilizing the conversations in court as pieces of evidence should it be necessary. It is helping communities in the sense that many crimes that occur in correctional facilities have had a way of spreading into the communities that correctional facilities are located in or near. Securus Technologies is a program that needs to have a continuation of installments in the communicative systems of as many correctional facilities as possible. Be sure to make a recommendation of having it at the correctional facility you may need it to be installed in to communicate with an inmate if it hasn’t already been installed there. You may discover the correctional facility where you make such a request will be able to have it installed rather quickly.


How To Maximize The Cost Of Inmate Calling

Securus Technologies employees over 16,000+ highly trained and qualified IT professionals in customer service, safety, and monitoring. The goal is to ensure that their customers are communicating with their loved ones over a secure network. In fact, they have recently been awarded the BBB Accreditation award for their high level of customer service satisfaction. They ensure that their customers will receive the allotted amount of minutes that are specified under their contract and they will also have access to live 24/7 support when and where they need it. They believe that adding integrated services allows them to offer a safer and securer network for their customers.


Teaming up with pioneers like Vimeo and JPay Services will let them to bring services that are unmatched by their competitors. You can say goodbye to a third party authorized agent or taking the long commute to a correctional institution with their high interactive features. You want have to become a part of the network of customers that trust other networks that don’t live up to their advertisement. In fact, Securus Technologies is chosen over their competitors at a rate of ten to one. Networks like Global Tel-Link are having a hard time competing with numbers like $4 to $1.


There are a team of professionals that would like to assist you when and where you need it. They can help you register for a remote visitation account that will allow you to interact with your loved ones face-to-face over the internet. These type of services are meant to give their customers the assurance of knowing they will save money and be able to visit their loved ones over the holidays including Christmas. Become a Securus Technologies customer today and say goodbye to an unstable network. Join the leaders in correctional communications today.


Securus Technologies Corrects Misleading Information of GTL’s Press Release

Securus Technologies is a leading firm that provides top notch technology solutions the criminal and civil justice system use for investigations, monitoring, corrections and public safety. Not long ago, the Dallas based firm officially released a statement pinpointing and correcting misleading and inaccurate statements that Global Tel Link (GTL) had published in a press release as at June 7, 2016. The statement by Securus Technologies was well-designed to address specific inaccurate claims that were stated in the GTL’s press release.


Some of the Allegations


Securus Technologies disapproved Global Tel Link’s claim that United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) on patent number 7,256, 816, allowed GTL to move ahead and seek injunctions and damage against Securus Technologies, over the impeding infringement cases present in the prominent Federal Courts of Texas. However, Securus corrected the allegation by stating that the case in Texas Federal Court has overstayed and so Global Tel Link is presently unable to pursue their claims in a district court. Securus Technologies is taking a move for rehearing of the patent and this will put GTL in a position where it will not be able to seek further injunctions.



Additionally, GTL alleged that PTAB preserved all the 55 claims that protect its video monitoring technology. This feature is of great importance since it enables correction officers observe visitation between inmates and their families and friends. Securus on its press release clarified that PTAB initially declined the request to review the claims. However, GTL in reality asserts that only one independent claim and several other dependent claims. Securus Technologies strongly believes that GTL does no fully practice the fundamental and useful security feature.





Securus Technologies serves thousands of law enforcement, correction agencies and public safety in North America. These agencies rely in Securus for simple, powerful and secure technological solutions that are easy to use and readily accessible. With a team of trained professionals, this company’s technology is second to none.


Securus Video Visitation Giving Families a Safe Way to Connect with Incarcerated Loved Ones.

The new Securus video visitation technology has been a reprieve to many families and friends who have their loved ones incarcerated. This video technology will eliminate the tiring journey to the prison, moving inmates, and the long lines. The technology makes it simple when providing inmates with security and safety.

The video visitation developed by Securus Technologies is fully web-based, and the system is designed to simplify communication between families and the incarcerated. Scheduling a video visitation from anywhere is now possible from anywhere and all one needs is the internet, a smartphone, a PC or tablet. Secures video visitation gives everyone who wishes to communicate with an inmate limitless opportunities, e.g. reviewing homework with kids, watching cartoons, attend a concert and much more.


The features that come with the technology include:

Scheduling – the video technology has a robust scheduling software. The user interface allows family, friends, attorney and other members to schedule a visit easily.  Additionally, the platform is completely integrated with the jail management system; thus a visit is only scheduled at the available time.


Live recording and monitoring – the securus video visitation monitors and records the visits. Thus, the software can be used for investigative purposes, and can also help reduce violence in jail. The staff can also flag visits, investigate, review or lock the investigation to ensure that the recordings are not purged.


The secures video visitation does also have plenty of benefits such as:

  • It has as reliable and safe method of visitation.
  • It gives convicts more visitation time.
  • The tech also has minimized the contrabands that are coming into the facility.
  • The long lines can be avoided.
  • Inmates can interact with their families in a home setting situation.
  • More family members and friends can be involved in the visit.
  • It is cheaper than physically visiting.

Other services that securus offers include; Public Safety Solution and it involves Incident Management, Emergency Response, and public information solutions. Investigative Solutions; which include, Data analytics, biometric analysis solutions, and location-based services. Correction Solutions, such as Communication, inmate self-service, information management and ancillary solutions. Monitoring Solutions such as court-appointed community reporting program solution and GPS/electronic monitoring.

Securus as a company provides civil and criminal justice technological solutions which improve public safety and help modernize incarceration experience.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.