From Education to the Arts, How Betsy DeVos’ Charitable Giving Supports Organizations Across the U.S.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, have a charitable history steeped in giving back to charities and organizations. Mrs. Betsy DeVos is best known for her works in the politcal sector, now serving as America’s 11th Secretary of Education. She has led a lengthy and polished career in the education politics world to get to that elite position. She served for six years as the chair of Michigan’s Republican Party and had led a multitude of successful political campaigns, political action committees and has worked diligently with a variety of education focused non profits in a leadership capacity.


The Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation was founded as a way to further extend the amount of support the couple could give to the ever growing list of charities they support. Their financial support has always been a staple of their lifestyle but it has continued to grow over the years. According to the latest reports in 2015 the DeVoses gave back by contributing $11.6 million in contributions to many organizations and education institutions. This number of incoming funds will be an incredbile help to these organizations. For the DeVos Family Foundation this number also includes a series of pledges to continue additional donations to the organizations they support.


Among the many organizations they support are noted ones that are doing the hands on work that Betsy DeVos is fighting for in her role as U.S. Education Secretary. She stands behinds policy that will allow greater education for children, especially those that come from low income families. These include School Choice, which gives families access to additional options for schooling outside of the simple “district” model that zones children into the schools where their parents live, regardless of that school’s level of education. She also supports various organizations that promote Charter Schools as a viable choice for education and a school voucher program to help with the cost of things like school lunches.


In addition to supporting causes that align with her political goals in education reform, Betsy DeVos stands behind things like children in the arts. They are avid supporters of the ArtPrize competition, which encouraging students to create compelling art pieces that are displayed in a stately event. Students get really into the event and come up with amazing pieces. For example, this past year a “Wounded Warrior Dogs” exhibit won first prize in the three dimensional category. The incredibly moving display featured six hand carved wooden dogs. These dogs were all wounded or rehabilitated during their time as service dogs at wartime. The artists’ goal was to show that these dogs fought for their country. In a moving main exhibit, the seventh dog stood under a tiny coffin and an American flag. This dog gave the ultimate sacrifice. What a creative outfit for students to showcase their artistic skills at such a young age.


The DeVos Family Foundation is estimated to have given over $100 million in the family’s lifetime and continues great work in education and beyond.


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George Soros Increases Political Donations

George Soros has returned to political donations with over $25 million given to the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as other Democratic candidates. Soros, who made his fortune in currency trading, also planned to attend the 2016 Democratic Convention, the first one he’s ever attended. However, he had to back out due to financial events in Europe that needed his attention. Even so he has become much more politically active than he has been since trying to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004.

The stakes this election are extremely high, especially given the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Soros sees a grave threat to causes that George Soros has supported for decades such as religious tolerance, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform. In addition to his own donations, Soros also has influence with other rich activists and can galvanize them to give as well, multiplying his effect. In addition to giving money to Clinton and other Democratic candidates, George Soros has also donated to Democratic causes such as $2 million for American Bridge 21st Century and $5 million for Immigrant Voters Win. He has also spent $5 million to fight Republican efforts to restrict voting.

Between the 2004 and 2016 elections, George Soros mainly focused on his philanthropy on Biography. Over his lifetime he has donated over $13 billion for causes that defend human rights, expand healthcare and education throughout the world, and bring democracy to Eastern Europe. He has also spent time and money working with groups that are against income inequality, big money in politics, and climate change. George Soros feels his donations balances out the scales to a degree vs. the big Republican money donors.

Since the election, George Soros has worked with other liberal donors in order to resist Trump and the Republican-held Congress and Senate. He recently held a three-day, closed-door conference at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington D.C. Some of the people that were invited were Senators Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren. The plan is to institute a full-on resistance against President Trump from the first day he serves in office. The conference also discussed the upcoming 2017 and 2018 elections and how to have Democratic candidates gain Congressional Seats on One person that attended commented that the party needs to focus on bringing out more voters which depends on providing them inspirational candidates that will drive them to the polls.

The conference also discussed how to protect Obamacare and the rest of Obama’s legacy which is at risk of being completely dismantled in the first 100 days of Trump’s Presidency on Politico. The conference featured panels to develop new ways of polling and how to reach white working-class voters. The panels also discussed the need to train Democratic officials and develop state policies that address Democratic concerns.

The group behind the conference is The Democracy Alliance, founded by Soros in 2004. This group is made up of financial heavyweights such as George Soros and Donald Sussman, major union leaders, and liberal foundations. Since being created it has given up to $500 million to politically left causes.

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Thor Halvorssen, A Thorn In The Side Of Kingmakers

Though only 39 years old, and thus relatively young, Thor Halvorssen has made quite a name for himself and carved out a notable niche for himself in the modern political landscape. Some may have seen him on CNN or Fox News in interviews or read of his activism in a one off article, but who, exactly, is Thor Halvorssen?

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen is a political activist and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to the promulgation and protection of fundamental human rights the world over. The Human Rights Foundation has been internationally renowned for it’s laudable work in protecting the rights of freedom loving peoples the world over, so much so that it’s annual Oslo Freedom Forum has become a marquee yearly event for all dedicated human right’s activists.

Mr. Mendoza’s greatest passion, as one might have guessed from the name of his renowned foundation, is the adamant defense of individual’s living underneath the boot heel of fascist or tyrannical regimes anywhere in the world. It should also be noted that Thor Halvorssen’s motivations against authoritarianism (whether it be from the political left or the political right) are not purely academic. For instance, Thor Halvorssen’s father, during a risky investigation into the Colombian Medellin Drug Cartel, was arrested on trumped up charges of money laundering and banking fraud. Whilst imprisoned he was tortured and was nearly murdered – Thor Halvorssen lead the campaign for his father’s release which, against all odds, eventually succeeded.