Dog Food Takes a Turn for the Healthy

The Daily Herald explains the recent facebook trend towards innovation in the pet food industry to produce healthier, more nutritious dog food in a recent article about the drastic changes to the pet food market. The $23.7 billion pet food industry in the U.S. has been increasingly dominated by pet food producers advertising the healthy recipes behind their dog food brands and educating customers about the benefits of their natural, healthy ingredients. At a time when the American public is more aware than ever of the food being served on its table and the ingredients being purchased at the grocery store, it should come as no surprise that families are eager to feed their dogs the top of the line dog food that they can find on the market. Companies are in cut throat competition with each other to keep pace with this trend and to continue to find ways to keep production costs down while incorporating more expensive healthy ingredients in their formulas, such as lean chicken.
One of the dog food companies that has been able to exceed expectations and distance itself from the competition on this healthy dog food trend is Beneful, which is owned by Purina. Beneful has gained incredible respect and loyalty among customers for standing behind its product with a customer satisfaction guarantee and providing transparent information about its formula and ingredients so that puppy parents are well-informed about what they are feeding their precious pets.

Besides providing top of the line ingredients, Beneful offers a wide range of options for dog food varieties. In addition to offering eight dry food varieties, Beneful has made its mark on the dog food market by providing 20 wet food options and 11 dog treats. Its packaging is also extremely innovative in allowing pet owners to heat the Beneful wet food directly in the container and serve it up right on the spot.


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