How To Maximize The Cost Of Inmate Calling

Securus Technologies employees over 16,000+ highly trained and qualified IT professionals in customer service, safety, and monitoring. The goal is to ensure that their customers are communicating with their loved ones over a secure network. In fact, they have recently been awarded the BBB Accreditation award for their high level of customer service satisfaction. They ensure that their customers will receive the allotted amount of minutes that are specified under their contract and they will also have access to live 24/7 support when and where they need it. They believe that adding integrated services allows them to offer a safer and securer network for their customers.


Teaming up with pioneers like Vimeo and JPay Services will let them to bring services that are unmatched by their competitors. You can say goodbye to a third party authorized agent or taking the long commute to a correctional institution with their high interactive features. You want have to become a part of the network of customers that trust other networks that don’t live up to their advertisement. In fact, Securus Technologies is chosen over their competitors at a rate of ten to one. Networks like Global Tel-Link are having a hard time competing with numbers like $4 to $1.


There are a team of professionals that would like to assist you when and where you need it. They can help you register for a remote visitation account that will allow you to interact with your loved ones face-to-face over the internet. These type of services are meant to give their customers the assurance of knowing they will save money and be able to visit their loved ones over the holidays including Christmas. Become a Securus Technologies customer today and say goodbye to an unstable network. Join the leaders in correctional communications today.


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