InnovaCare Health Drafts New Measures That Will Boost Growth

Over the past one decade, the competition in the healthcare industry, specifically managed healthcare, has grown and companies are forced to come up with new measures that should help them to stay relevant in the market. Most of them have gone for new technology and better measures that will help them to manage different problems. One of the companies that have invested highly in the provision of managed healthcare services is InnovaCare Health, a leading company in the North America region.

InnovaCare Health has dominated the Puerto Rico region as the only company established and able to offer Medicare Advantage plans and other physician practice services. The company has created a strong network that has allowed them to reach more customers from all corners of the region. Recently, the management of InnovaCare Health drafted measures that will be implemented to boost growth and help them to penetrate into other regions within the U.S.

Such measures include the acquisition of modern technology and better infrastructure that is able to accommodate many customers. The company has seen an increase in Medicare Advantage subscribers on from mere 10,000 less than one decade ago to over 250,000 today. These achievements have been possible thanks to the great effort the leaders of InnovaCare Health have put. Along with the installation of new systems, InnovaCare Health has hired new executives to head important offices.

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New executives
He previously held an executive position at Horizon BCBS, where he led the Medicare and Medicaid systems offered by the company. As the Chief Actuary at InnovaCare Health, Jonathan will help the company to handle the program more efficiently.

Mike Sortino, the current chief accountant at InnovaCare Health, also joined the company in the same period as Jonathan. He carries along skills in both finance and accounting and is optimistic his office will accelerate the realization of the goals set by the company.

The focused leadership of InnovaCare Health
At the top of the leadership team is Dr. Rick Shinto, the CEO and President. He is a professional whose career has been decorated with success. His experience in clinical science has allowed him to write several articles and journals in the specialty.

Dr. Richard Shinto has been working closely with Penelope Kokkinides, a professional clinical health professional appointed to work as the Chief Administrative Officer.

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  1. One of the executives whose presence is seen as a privilege is Jonathan Meyers. The management team has initiated all the changes that have driven the company to attain its success. It is also so instrumental that understand how the process work and in the long run make it work so well too.

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