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To say that people freaked out when Leonardo Dicaprio won his very first and much deserved Oscar Award would be an understatement. Fans of the famed actor were ecstatic. They may as well have won the award for themselves. The uproar of fanfare made it’s way onto the internet via Dicaprio’s Wikipedia page as well. Updates on Wiki pages can be done by anybody. This quickly turned into a plethora of unfavorable updates on the stars page. One of them in particular standing out with repeated vulgarities. 

After being nominated 5 times, but never being crowned the winner, this was a great achievement in his career. The appreciation of his fans is well received, albeit in need of some cleaning up. Leo is going to need his Wiki page edited and put back into proper order as soon as possible. The site has quickly become where the world goes for the info. Whenever we look up something online there is a Wikipedia link right there. It has simply become synonymous with fact checking and the internet. The people that work on the technology end of Wiki are creating many new ways to detect and prevent trolling of edits to the pages.

Most notably as of late, Wikipedia has been almost solely responsible for the images of individuals and companies alike. If you don’t have a Wiki page for your business, chances are you won’t be taken very seriously by potential clients. Likewise, it is a great way to help your personal reputation to have a bit more polish. The best way to get the most of your page edits and updates is to hire Wiki writers from a trusted Wikipedia editing service. The level of scrutiny to details and proper edits will get you the best results. This also takes a lot of work off of the shoulders of the customer in need of the edits. Having the assurance that their page is being tracked and updated on the fly is a great luxury for the client. What better way to have your page created than in the hands of professional Wiki experts for hire? 

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