Kim Dao Starts Furnishing Their Apartment!

On her beauty/lifestyle blog,, Kim Dao talks about moving from Japan to Australia and is getting an apartment with her boyfriend, Eric. In this video Kim Dao and Eric spend the day shopping for furnishings for their apartment. Sensibly, Kim Dao is focussed on picking appliances first, a refrigerator and washing machine but also a coffee table. They plan to browse for other things too.


Kim and Eric lunch at Tao Cafe since they’re in the mood for Asian food. Then to the first store, The Good Guys. Kim admires a Kitchenaid stand mixer. They look at washing machines, front loading, and refrigerators. Eric wants one without protruding handles. Kim Dao and Eric plan to get reviews on the models first. Learn more:


They head to Empire Furniture and Kitchen Warehouse. What grabs their attention is a coffee table with a drop-down swiveling level, very modern, and a gray/black/white shag rug for $199.


On to Harvey Norman to look at refrigerators. Kim Dao mentions that you know you’re getting older when you enjoy this kind of shopping! They find both a refrigerator and a washing machine to research later.


After a break they head to Amart and look at bedroom furniture and chairs. Then to Freedom before heading home. Eric has plans with high school friends later so Kim stops for KFC first and then reunites at home with Yuki, her dog. She’s missed him having been gone all day. They plan to shop again the next day.


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