LinkedIn Defines Most Needed Skills Says Ricardo Guimarães


Around the world, and especially in Brazil, businesses and other organizations are relying on the web site LinkedIn for their professional recruiting efforts. More and more expert professionals are posting their profiles, including detailed resumes, onto LinkedIn. Ricardo Guimarães, the president of BMG Bank in Brazil, has reported this important data, based on an article Exame Magazine has released. They listed LinkedIn’s list of the 25 most sought-after skill sets. LinkedIn obtained these statistically, based on recruiter searches done on the web site during all of 2015.

Nine countries were included in the study, including the USA, Brazil, and France. Human resource professionals who are experienced in the areas of employee benefits and compensation is an area that grew 15%. LinkedIn has done much of the important work to help businesses understand the realities of today’s business world and helps connect them with the right professionals that are available for a new job. The proof that this list is accurate is the number and frequency of LinkedIn surveys, together with the amazingly large number of registered users, says Ricardo Guimarães.

People are experiencing introductions to leaders in their respective industries that they could obtain in no other way. Other valuable resources provided by LinkedIn include specific tips and news for certain commercial areas. One area, which Ricardo Guimarães has pointed out actually took a nose dive of a 14% decrease in Brazil, is professional recruiting. He says today’s job market is comprised mostly of Exame’s list:

Mobile software development
Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
Web architecture and development frameworks
Quality Assurance (QA) software and usability testing
Integration middleware software
Engineering and data storage
Human resources in Benefits
Information security
Design interfaces
Corporate law and governance
Safety at work
Microsoft stack application development
Business Intelligence
System Review Control (SCR)
Materials Engineering
public policy and international relations
Business development and relationship management
Perl, Python, & Ruby programming languages
Java development
Software Modeling and process design
Social media marketing
Digital marketing
Shell scripting languages

Ricardo Guimarães says it is most important for every professional to track and retain the skills of current demand. Such professionals will be highly rated in any comparisons employers are doing with others listed as available for work on LinkedIn.

The bank has been owned by the Guimarães family since Ricardo’s grandfather founded it as the Land Credit Bank in 1930. One of the most innovative, and at the time seen as a risky change, that Ricardo Guimarães implemented was BMG’s very popular payday loan program.

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