Vijay Eswaran Makes Headlines In Forbes Asia And World Economic Forum

One such award is the New Global Indian award Vijay Eswaran received at the Global Indian Business Meet, a summit for business leaders from India and surrounding networks. He also has spoken at the World Economic Forum and has been twice cited in Forbes Asia in their lists of 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy, and their 2013 Top 50 Richest People list. His business work has consisted of multilevel marketing and investing in real estate on through his company, QI Group. His philanthropy has been accomplished through RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayratnam Foundation.

Eswaran was born in Malaysia to a family that often traveled due to the work his father did with the Ministry of Labor. He attended some prominent schools growing up, including the famous London School of Economics where he got his bachelor’s degree in 1984. He spent a year doing some random jobs in construction, grape harvesting and cab driving before getting a certification in binary marketing from CIMA, and completing grad school at Southern Illinois University. Eswaran got into multilevel marketing around the early 1990s, and soon he started working with a company that asked him to start a branch in the Philippines. Not long after that, he and Joseph Bismarck established QI Group.

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QI Group has an e-commerce and direct selling wing of the company at QNet where products such as water purifiers, home improvement tools, automotive care and health and beauty products are sold to independent representatives who then sell them to their customers. QI Group on YouTube is also the parent company for QI Asset Management, Quex Courier and The V program at Quest International University Perak. Their RYTHM Foundation is instrumental in reaching impoverished Asian communities and working with children who have special needs.

Vijay Eswaran has had many people who’ve inspired him both in business and in spirituality. One such person is Mahatma Gandhi whose principles of meditation and listening have been taken to heart by Eswaran. Eswaran has authored books about business and spirituality including In The Sphere Of Silence and On The Wings Of Thought.

Become A Wine Guide With The Traveling Vineyard’s Network Sales Opportunity

Offering enterprising men and women the opportunity to earn additional income as independent wine consultants, the Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company that offers extensive training in both wine and sales techniques. As with other direct selling positions, individuals set their own hours, holding wine tasting parties and offering guests the chance to purchase delicious wines from around the world, which are exclusive to the Traveling Vineyard.

With certain direct selling businesses, it it difficult to find hosts and hostesses willing to have an in-home party, however, with the Traveling Vineyard, Wine Guides find it effortless. Who wouldn’t want to host a wine tasting party for friends and family with exclusive free wine and a consultant who is very knowledgeable about the wines? Additionally, wine appeals to both men and women, therefore, the target audience is double that of other in-home party products.

Wine Guides for the Traveling Vineyard may also increase their earnings by enrolling people in the Traveling Vineyard Wine Club. Members select the type of wine that they enjoy and then every other month, they receive four bottles, plus tips for selecting food pairings. The wines are excellent last minute hostess gifts, holiday gifts and more.

Sociable individuals who enjoy spending time with friends, tasting new wines and a willingness to learn about wine are the ideal consultants. As with all legitimate multi-level marketing plans, participants earn income from direct wine sales, plus they can build team for additional income, however, there is no obligation to recruit others. With the Traveling Vineyard, independent Wine Consultants build teams primarily from others asking how they can earn money by putting on wine tastings, therefore, being pushy is not a requirement.

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Ricardo Tosto, Leading Member of the Brazilian Bar

The Brazilian Bar, or Law Society, is called the Order of Lawyers of Brazil (OAB), and is the main regulatory body for the legal profession in Brazil. The OAB traces its roots to the beginnings of formal legal education in Brazil, which began in 1827 when the first law schools were established. Inspired by the Portuguese Institute of Lawyers, a Brazilian Institute of Lawyers, which served as a kind of guild or association, was established shortly thereafter, but the actual OAB as a quasi-governmental and regulatory body did not come into fruition until 1930, on the heels of a political revolution.

One of the main responsibilities of the OAB is the admission of new lawyers to the bar. Undergraduate law degrees in Brazil take five years, and recent graduates and final-year students can apply for admission, which requires passing a two-stage examination. The OAB exam is similar to exams required for attorney licensure in other countries, but has been standardized throughout the country for the last few years. Admission of attorneys to the bar in Brazil is by the state OAB section, although lawyers are permitted to represent clients in other jurisdictions on a limited basis.

Ricardo Tosto is a preeminent member of the OAB. Tosto is a partner in the law firm of Leite, Tosto, and Barros, and practices in a number of areas, such as credit repair, banking contracts, bankruptcy, appellate practice, business restructuring, administrative law, electoral law, as well as general civil and commercial practice. Tosto is a graduate of McKenzie University in Sao Paulo. Prior to entering private practice, he served as in-house counsel to Grupo Rede and as a director of the company’s private pension foundation.

Tosto is also active in his OAB section. He was chair of the OAB’s modernization and reform of the judiciary commission and is also a member of the International Bar Association. He is also the author of a book entitled “The Trial of Tiradentes,” about a pivotal event in Brazil history. He is one of the few Brazilian attorneys recognized by Who’s Who in commercial law, and has been ranked by publications such as Legal 500 and Analise 500.

The New Invention by Davos Real Estate Group

David Osio announced that they were launching a new mobile application for Davos Real Estate Group on 22nd June 2016. He was accompanied by Davos Real Estate Group Executive Directors known as Pablo Bausili and Gerald Gonzalez. The aim of the application is to make estimates on the real estate investment returns that a client likes. The Davos Real Estate Group is part of the companies that join to create Davos Financial Group. It is an international financial group that is top in the market of Latin America.


Davis Spoke during the launch of the new application. He stated that Gerald Gonzalez had worked in conjunction with the Tecknolution of the company to come up with the development and design of the application. He added that the useful tool would enable a client to estimate the profit of an investment property as soon as the expenses linked with the property are calculated. David said that the new application which is currently available on Android and iPhone devices was developed using the newest technology platforms. He added that the launch of this application would open doors for many complementary applications to come. They will have the ability to recognize properties via a mobile phone.


David was asked about the application origin. He responded that the company had spotted the need to come up with a mobile application that would enable them to financially help their clients when making investments in real estate in the US. Gerald Gonzalez stated that this app was an “innovative tool” that would enable investors to have a better financial vision anytime they purchase a property. Gonzalez added that the Davos CAP Calculator would help customers to make estimates of the rent price on the property that fits their projected home. A mortgage Calculator is one of the benefits that come with the new application.


The CEO and Founder of Davos Financial Group by the name David Osio is a former legal advisor. He founded the Davos Financial Group in 1993 and was committed to expanding and growing the company ever since. He has been able to propel the profitability of the enterprise enabling him to strategically put up some licensed and independent firms in cities all over the world including Miami, Panama, New York, and Geneva. David formerly worked at OPED Enterprise as its CEO and President. He also worked at MGO. This is a Caracas law firm.

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Wikipedia Popular Edits

Wikipedia is the popular online encyclopedia that is viewed by millions of people yearly. The site contains articles on just about every subject under the sun. Wikipedia editors like to invite contributors to edit or make a Wikipedia page. Certainly, Wikipedia attracts thousands of contributors yearly that like to edit a page. Recently, Wikipedia shared a list of the most Wikipedia edits on the site. Some of the most popular edits are on trendy topics, while others might seem rather surprising at first glance. Most popular edits included everything from Ru Paul’s Drag Race to Vincent Van Gogh. Here is more on Wikipedia’s growing popularity.

Wikipedia Benefits
Marketers and some individuals are always searching for a proven way to get their message across about their business or personal profile. Often, it takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money before results happen. However, Wikpedia is one of the most powerful marketing tools online. Articles on the site generally rise to the top of the search engines. This top position on the search engine leads to rapid recognition for the article and the person responsible for the article. Fortunately, Wikipedia editors actively invite contributors to make or edit a Wikipedia page on subjects that interest them. Certainly, Wikipedia edits are in the thousands per day. Every marketer or individual online should consider the impact that Wikipedia has on business and personal branding.

More Wikipedia Benefits
Marketers and individuals online follow the traditional methods to brand their business or name. However, Wikipedia remains the new trendy way to gain recognition. Wikipedia offers significant exposure for articles and the contributor or writer. Here is more:

• Post a personal biography or a business biography on the site to gain more recognition
• Articles you write about your brand create significant positive exposure
• Articles on the site lend more credibility to an individual or organization
• Exposure on the site might lead to more sales and more profits for the business

Get Your Wiki
It is a known fact that Wikipedia editors are very strict about the rules and guidelines on Wikipedia. Wikipedia contributors that edit or make a Wikipedia page must follow those rules or their article is removed. Certainly, Wikipedia edits should strive to stay on the guidelines. The average marketer or individual that would like to add their own Wikipedia page might not have the time to write an article that follows their strict guidelines. However, Get Your Wiki has a staff consisting of experienced writers that are Wikipedia experts when it comes to editing and writing articles. Contact Get Your Wiki today for more information about adding your own Wikipedia pages to the site.

Securus Technologies Corrects Misleading Information of GTL’s Press Release

Securus Technologies is a leading firm that provides top notch technology solutions the criminal and civil justice system use for investigations, monitoring, corrections and public safety. Not long ago, the Dallas based firm officially released a statement pinpointing and correcting misleading and inaccurate statements that Global Tel Link (GTL) had published in a press release as at June 7, 2016. The statement by Securus Technologies was well-designed to address specific inaccurate claims that were stated in the GTL’s press release.


Some of the Allegations


Securus Technologies disapproved Global Tel Link’s claim that United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) on patent number 7,256, 816, allowed GTL to move ahead and seek injunctions and damage against Securus Technologies, over the impeding infringement cases present in the prominent Federal Courts of Texas. However, Securus corrected the allegation by stating that the case in Texas Federal Court has overstayed and so Global Tel Link is presently unable to pursue their claims in a district court. Securus Technologies is taking a move for rehearing of the patent and this will put GTL in a position where it will not be able to seek further injunctions.



Additionally, GTL alleged that PTAB preserved all the 55 claims that protect its video monitoring technology. This feature is of great importance since it enables correction officers observe visitation between inmates and their families and friends. Securus on its press release clarified that PTAB initially declined the request to review the claims. However, GTL in reality asserts that only one independent claim and several other dependent claims. Securus Technologies strongly believes that GTL does no fully practice the fundamental and useful security feature.





Securus Technologies serves thousands of law enforcement, correction agencies and public safety in North America. These agencies rely in Securus for simple, powerful and secure technological solutions that are easy to use and readily accessible. With a team of trained professionals, this company’s technology is second to none.


Squaw Valley Water Update

Squaw Valley has recently released an update on the condition of their water and what can be expected as the ski season begins to approach and more people hope to visit the resort. In their recent statement, they talk about the water quality, what people can expect for this ski season and everything else that relates to the water on the mountain. They also assure people that they will be safe as long as they stick to what they are supposed to be doing when they are at the ski resort in the coming months.

In the summer, Squaw Valley made a replacement to one of their major water systems. This was a routine upgrade and something that they thought was necessary for the mountain to be able to function at its best. A few months later, there was a lot of heavy rain that does not normally happen at Squaw Valley. The rain caused the system to overload and made some problems with the resort. The water was compromised in quality and it immediately became unconsumable while the people were getting the resort ready for the busy season that was about to start.

Like many ski resorts, Squaw Valley has a lot of restaurants that are there at the resort. They are on the same premises and help skiers and boarders to get the nutrition that they need while they are at the resort. Because of the water problem and their commitment to their guests, Squaw Valley has closed their restaurants until the quality of the water is restored back to where it needs to be able to be consumable. This is something that will cut into the budget of Squaw Valley but will be worth it to keep customers safe from the contaminated water that would be used in the restaurant.

Guests of the resort are advised not to drink any water while they are visiting the resort. Even though the water could be available in the form of faucets, guests should not drink it. Instead, Squaw Valley has made bottled water available to their guests so that they will be able to get the water that they need. They also want to make sure that their guests are satisfied so they are able to take advantage of the various vending machines around the resort that are in convenient locations.

The resort is still fully functioning. Squaw Valley wants to make sure that they are helping their clients as best as they can and they want to keep it open at the best capacity possible. While they are awaiting the all-clear from the Placer County Environmental division, they are going to keep the resort open and functioning. Guests should be able to begin consuming the water once again after they have been cleared by Placer County. The resort is planning to make sure that things are as comfortable as possible for their guests in the meantime and hope to have the water problem cleared up in the near future.

One Bird in Hand is Worth Two Handy Home Cleaning Unicorns

Silicon Valley uses the term “unicorn” to refer to a start-up, which has raised $1 billion. Unfortunately, “Handy Inc.” a home cleaning service has realized that the amount of venture capital (VC) available in 2016 may be starting to decline. Startup firms must remember that “one bird in the hand is worth two handy home cleaning unicorns.”

“On-Demand Handy Home Cleaning”

The concept is really quite brilliant – “on-demand home cleaning.” Haven’t you ever had a horrible mess and simply not had enough time to clean it up? It might be just before the holidays or after a party. Just contact Handy Inc. to get your apartment, condominium or home cleaned.

For a couple of decades, the mantra has been “growth, growth, growth” for startups, like Handy. But “times are a changin’ ” – during their last financing stage, they were encouraged to focus on profitability. Thus, they settled on their 28 home cleaning markets and started to cut costs.

“Are You Profitable?”

Perhaps, one day’s rise to prominence will be a musical. It basically highlights the joys and pains of running a modern business. As competitors fall, the Handy firm continued to see higher demand.

With higher demand, it must provide more workers. The firm decided to create an “online onboarding process” to hire its cleaning “pros.” This was difficult, but eventually it allowed the firm to lower its costs. The workers eventually figured out the system.

Outsourcing customer service is one more of the common trends, which Handy Inc. had to face. CEO Oisin Hanrahan understood that automation “is the kind of decision that’s difficult emotionally but a no-brainer as a matter of business rationale.” Cash in the hand has become valuable. Perhaps, Handy’s path may be a model for the cost-cutting of the nation as a whole.



Using Hair Care by Wen by Chaz to Get Beautiful Results

If you are someone who suffers from a large number of allergies, you will want to give hair care by Wen hair a try. With the ingredients in Wen, many of your number of chemicals is eliminated and instead, there are ingredients like sage, apples and rosemary in the shampoo’s and moisturizers. The process all began with Chaz boiling some potpourri in some water and then adding the ingredients all together and washing his hair with those ingredients. When he did this, he noticed how nice his hair felt. He seen how clean it became and how much better it felt. That is when he decided to create his own hair care line.

Before the line of products was first introduced, many people had to first be tested to make sure that it was a legitimate way of cleansing your hair. During this process of testing, Chaz worked very hard to perfect the cleaners. He wanted to make sure that the ingredients were kept to a minimal and that the cleaner would not lead to anymore damage being done. Once he noticed that all types of hair were improving from use, he knew the time had come for it to be released to the public. Since the time of it becoming public, more people have invested in the hair care product line than in any other brand of shampoo or cleaners. Most people will tell stories about how they just love what the products have done for their hair as well as their scalp. All the ingredients blended together is what makes the hair care products stand out among all the rest of the hair care lines. Wen hair care products are available on eBay and QVC online.


Why Madison Street Capital Should Be Every Business’ Best Friend

Integrity, leadership, excellence, and service are the core values that Madison Street Capital’s reputation is built on when it comes to delivering financial advisory services to their client; whether publicly or privately owned. This international investment banking firm works with the sensitivity of time in mind, hence, responding in good time to grasp the best opportunities. To meet the clients’ satisfactions, the banking firm uses adequate knowledge, experience as well as the relationships it has built with time.

Madison Street Capital is a firm that works to portray vast experience in corporate finance, diligence, finding the market price, structuring new deals as well as mergers and acquisition. Additionally, the firm is dependable when it comes to designing and implementing the best exit strategies. These qualities have been the main reason why this company has made it over the years helping clients from hundreds of different industries.

When it comes to corporate advisory, Madison Street Capital is not only great at merger and acquisitions and restructuring of capital but also offers its services when it comes to reorganizing a business structure. Even when in a bankruptcy situation, this firm can get you sorted out before it is too late. Madison also offers brilliant corporate governance and private placements too. When in need of advisory services, this company can provide both ESOP as well as buyout reports.

Any investment banking firm that is as excellent as this company needs the asset management in industry focus at a high level. For instance, Madison has offers outstanding portfolio valuation, adequate coverage on financial sponsor records and exceptional restructuring services.

The financial reporting valuation is marvelous too since it covers all goodwill and the impairment of the intangible asset. It also takes into consideration the compensation on a shared basis and the structured finance products.

Other services that this investment banking firm handles include valuation of the company and tax compliance. Additionally, it offers individual opinions when managing the investment of their clients’ companies. For instance, it depends on the solvency and capital adequacy involved. Also, the level of independence of the third party fairness must be looked into.

Every company needs to look into its wealth preservation and also plan its tax accurately. For this reason, Madison Street Capital offers a perfect tax planning technique, a business exit plan as well as a working plan when it comes to building wealth.

The level of understanding, as well as the experience that this firm has gained through its journey, makes it competent for any business. Additionally, it has widened its scope and now has its offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. This global view emphasizes on local businesses, relationships and networks more than the emphasis on international trade. There is a great chance for any business that opts to use this banking firm.

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