Venezuelan Government Launches New Program To Help Women Advance

In a report by open corporates, the South American country has vowed to invest more in efforts that alleviate stress caused by unequal opportunities in the workplace and has begun with a program called Soy Mujer.
Soy Mujer, translated in English by linguist Jose Velasquez as “I Am Woman,” has 100 initiatives that will help women who are underprivileged and underrepresented. The program addresses the areas of urban agriculture, textiles, and footwear in its quest to ensure that women are given equality.

Venezuela is one of several South American regions that oppresses its female population with stringent policies that inadvertently prevent women from obtaining loans for businesses and high-paying jobs. Soy Mujer deems its female population as the greatest contributors to the economy.

The Venezuelan government has contributed 138 million bolivars to Soy Mujer. The program was launched on Dateas, Wednesday, May 25, 2016.



James O’Keefe Caught Red-Handed Trying to Lie His Way into George Soros’ Humanitarian Organization

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. In a hilarious twist of fate conservative activist James O’Keefe was caught red-handed trying to lie his way inside the Open Society Foundations (OSF). OSF is a progressive organization funded by George Soros. O’Keefe’s attempt was foiled when he failed to hang up the phone after leaving a hasty voice mail on OSF member Dana Geraghty’s phone while pretending to be the fictional Victor Kesh.

After dictating the voicemail O’Keefe can be heard snapping at someone else in the room about not interrupting him while he is on the phone. He then goes on to reveal his plan about infiltrating OSF. The recording also captures O’Keefe conniving to get more information about Geraghty by connecting to her through LinkedIn. He decided against that when he realized that she would have been able to see his profile as well. O’Keefe also directs disturbing language that has implied sexual innuendoes towards Ms. Geraghty as he refers to using her as a “point of entry.”
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The fraudulent attempt was forwarded to OSF President Chris Stone. He commented that O’Keefe’s lack of intelligence regarding the proper use of technology and overall ignorance makes him look like a bumbling idiot. Stone was still very disturbed by it though because it indicates a lot of under-handed activity going on in the background.

OSF is a privately-funded grant-making institution founded by George Soros in 1993. Its aim is to advance initiatives in education, justice, public health, and independent media. It has spent over $11 billion towards these goals and has an endowment valued at over $1.5 billion. George Soros believes that the world’s issues need to be responded to as appropriate as they occur instead of trying to solve every problem with a standardized approach. His reasoning is that events don’t happen by themselves in a vacuum. They manifest organically similar to the way the financial markets operate. That is why he designed OSF to respond dynamically to needs around the world as needed.

George Soros is a well-respected billionaire business magnate and global philanthropist. His early encounter with the hate-mongering Nazis in his youth helped to shape his worldview that a capitalism-driven society is one of the best ways to preserve freedom for all. Through his formal education and natural business acumen Soros established a very lucrative career that has enabled him to become a self-made billionaire. 

Athleisure for Fabletics Fans

There is so much talk about athleisure and the way that the Fabletics brand has taken off. Kate Hudson may not be the one that that invented the concept of athleisure on, but the Fabletics brand has certainly thrived as the company that has helped transform the brand. The popular form of athletic and leisure wear has become exactly what so many workout enthusiasts have been looking for.

Fabletics has made it a priority to get some of the best designers in place, and they came up with some interesting pieces for females. When Kate Hudson spoke with Marie Claire it was evident that there was a buzz in the air about the variety of Fabletics clothing. There was talk about bathing suits. There was the mention of other core products like dresses that have built-in bras. The company also sells leggings and active wear.
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Fabletics on Pinterest

So often people will get a gym membership and have a need to bring gym clothes.  They may want to workout, but they may not feel comfortable changing in the dressing rooms. That is why the athleisure is so popular. Someone that has been out during the day for lunch or simply hanging out in these shared clothes can go straight to the gym and start working out. This saves time. This also saves money. There is no need to buy separate gym clothes. You can get everything that you need with a couple of Fabletics leggings, tights and tops.

Many people have become fans of the brand because Kate Hudson has been the force behind – and in front – of the brand. She has won awards for her diligence, and she had modeled many of the pieces that are sold on the website. Hudson has a big part to play in the way that Fabletics operates. She is the co-founder that has build a solid clothing line.

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Why Does The CEO Of FreedomPop Have To Explain Himself To Mobile World Live?

Mobile World Live got a really good explanation from the president of FreedomPop about how they plan to keep their business operating. Most businesses would expect to have a lot of paying customers if they are going to keep the lights on, but FreedomPop is going to keep the lights on using a system that is going to go against everything that the cell phone industry knows.

The cell phone industry charges high prices in most cases to give people cell service, but FreedomPop charges nothing or next to nothing to give people what they want. The people who come to FreedomPop are spending no money at all on a free phone, or they are spending a small amount every month on a phone that has a simple plan. The simple plans save money, and the free plans give people phones when they cannot afford them.

People have accused FreedomPop of being crazy, and it looks like they are taking that to heart because they are going to keep doing what they have done. They do not want to be like the other companies in the industry, and they are going to bet on the fact that people appreciate that. They are going to keep their free plans, and they are going to make sure that they are expanding at their own rate. They want to send their networks to as many parts of the world as possible, and they are going to keep raising funds for that.

They are also going to enact a new kind of business plan that is going to focus on digital ads and other kinds of revenue that are not just about selling plans. They do have paying customers, but they also have people with them who do not pay at all. They can sell ads to make up for this, and they will have so many customers that they can afford to keep doing this for as long as they want.

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Moving Time Forward To Save Energy

Venezuela is trying to come up with anything possible in order to save money in a country where the economy is in dire need of saving. Officials have decided to speed time up by about half an hour. Nicolas Maduro made the decision in the hopes that businesses would close early, workers like Norka Luque would leave their jobs early and schools would send students home early. If no one is open, then there won’t be any electricity to use, which would save on money that is spent as well as save on the electricity that is also running low. Since the time is moved forward Ms Luque said, “there will be more daylight in the evening, which will also decrease the amount of electricity that is used”. The change doesn’t take place until May 1. There is no word as to how long the change will be in effect, but there are negative responses to the decision.


Solving the Greek Refugee Crisis

As seen on The New York Review of Books, investor and philanthropist George Soros explains that there are four fundamental flaws of the asylum policy on that has come from recent EU-Turkey negotiations. Soros states that the policy is not European as it was too heavily pushed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Another crucial flaw with the plan is that it is underfunded and financially unstable from the start. It also forces different states to take refugees that they do not want to shelter as well as taking away the choice from fleeing refugees on what country they want to live in. This creates a cultural clash on as immigrants are forced to live in countries that are not welcoming. Finally, the negotiations force Greece into the go-to waiting zone for refugees even though Greece does not have the required resources to hold them.

George Soros argues that all of the flaws of the proposal can be corrected and that the European Commission has acknowledged that there are some serious issues. George Soros continues to state that there is an impending humanitarian crisis in Greece. These refugee policies will only make matters worse. One of the most effective things that EU leaders can do is ensure that sufficient funding is in place to handle the mass surge of refugees. Most importantly, leaders need to understand that there will be an initial surge of refugees and this cannot be handled with limited funding that was meant to address the ongoing issue. A large amount of initial funding is needed in order for shelter countries to adequately place the refugees. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

Another key issue in the refugee crisis is ensuring that newly placed refugees are able to establish themselves in their new countries. Adequate funding of the project is key in assuring that the newly placed refugees have all of the resources that they need to get their feet back on the ground. The countries that are housing the refugees must be given adequate financial support to bear the burden. Furthermore, forcing refugees into countries that do not want to house them creates additional barriers for the long term financial success of refugees. In order to have a truly sustainable plan for the refugee crisis, these barriers need to be reduces and individuals must feel welcome in their new countries.

George Soros support for progressive and humanitarian policies has helped millions of people all across the world. He was key in ensuring the peaceful change from Socialism to Capitalism in Eastern Europe. To date, George Soros has donated more than $11 billion to various different causes that are aimed at improving the lives of individuals living in all corners of the earth. One of the things that makes Soros a dynamic and successful individual is his ability to understand the market around him.

CCMP Capital and former CEO Steve Murray

CCMP Capital is a leading international private equity investment firm that specializes in leverage buyout and growth equity investments. The firm, which became an independent company in August 2006, is headquartered in 245 Park Avenue, New York City, New York and has offices in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The group employs at least 50 individuals. CCMP Capital focuses on four major industries, namely Chemicals/Energy, Industrial, Healthcare, Consumer/Retail sectors. The company provides services to leading companies in North America and Europe. CCMP Capital was ranked by Wall Street among the first twenty largest equity firms in the world in 2007.

The acronym CCMP stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, and Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan Partners. The company was launched as Chemical Venture Partners in 1984 as private equity and venture capital of Chemical Bank. In 1996, Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank, prompting change of name to Chase Capital Partners. The group acquired J.P. Morgan & Co in 2000, the same year JPMorgan Chase was formed, and changed name to JP Morgan Partners. Four years later, JPMorgan Chase acquired Bank One, a bank that had its own private equity investment arm known as One Equity Partners.

JP Morgan initiated spinout plans in March 2005. It successfully spun out of JPMorgan Chase in July the following year after the former sold $925 million stake in JP Morgan Partners Global Fund to secondary investors. This was the same time leading private equity firms were spinning out from recognized investment banks. CCMP Capital sold Medpace, an organization that specializes in pharmaceutical research, to Cinven in 2014 for approximately $900 million. As of 2016, the group has assets worth at least $12 billion.

As of now, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has investments in JP Morgan Partners Global Fund, CCMP Capital Investors II, Bill Barret Corporation, Smurfit Kappa group and 1-800 flowers. The group has also invested in, among other companies, Brake Bros Limited, Warner Chilcott, Renovo, Pinnacle Foods and The Tennis Channel.

Stephen “Steve” Murray was the former president and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital. He was also a renowned private equity investor and philanthropist. He was born on August 2, 1962 and passed on March 12, 2015. Murray was a graduate of Boston College, Columbia Business School.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital held various executive capacities in predecessor firms since 1989. He became the group’s CEO in 2007 after JP Morgan Partners separated from JPMorgan Chase. Murray took over the position from Jeff Walker, who is the founder of the group. Prior to his demise, Murray was a Board member of Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Crestcom International and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. He also sat on the Board of LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc. and Jetro JMDH Holdings.

Dog Food Takes a Turn for the Healthy

The Daily Herald explains the recent facebook trend towards innovation in the pet food industry to produce healthier, more nutritious dog food in a recent article about the drastic changes to the pet food market. The $23.7 billion pet food industry in the U.S. has been increasingly dominated by pet food producers advertising the healthy recipes behind their dog food brands and educating customers about the benefits of their natural, healthy ingredients. At a time when the American public is more aware than ever of the food being served on its table and the ingredients being purchased at the grocery store, it should come as no surprise that families are eager to feed their dogs the top of the line dog food that they can find on the market. Companies are in cut throat competition with each other to keep pace with this trend and to continue to find ways to keep production costs down while incorporating more expensive healthy ingredients in their formulas, such as lean chicken.
One of the dog food companies that has been able to exceed expectations and distance itself from the competition on this healthy dog food trend is Beneful, which is owned by Purina. Beneful has gained incredible respect and loyalty among customers for standing behind its product with a customer satisfaction guarantee and providing transparent information about its formula and ingredients so that puppy parents are well-informed about what they are feeding their precious pets.

Besides providing top of the line ingredients, Beneful offers a wide range of options for dog food varieties. In addition to offering eight dry food varieties, Beneful has made its mark on the dog food market by providing 20 wet food options and 11 dog treats. Its packaging is also extremely innovative in allowing pet owners to heat the Beneful wet food directly in the container and serve it up right on the spot.


A New Dog in the Neighborhood

A few days ago I took a walk to the store to get a gallon of milk for dinner. Because of what I found on my way to the store, I had to change my grocery list around a little bit. Instead of grabbing milk and a pack of cigarettes for my husband, I came out with those items plus a large bag of Purina Beneful. The reasoning behind my purchase of Beneful is because on my walk I found a small, docile dog just laying on the sidewalk. She wasn’t hurt at all, but you could tell she was lonely and very hungry. Instead of turning my cheek I patted my upper thigh so she would get up and follow me to the store. Once we got there she waited patiently for me while I picked her up some dinner.

On the shelves of the walmart store they had a new brand called Freshpet, which I had just recently heard about online. This dog food uses fresh meat and vegetables so that the food tastes just as delicious as the meals I prepare at home. Just because I felt bad for this poor dog, I made sure to pick up a few containers of Freshpet as a treat. I also knew that the fresh products in the food would help her get back to good health quickly. Anything that does not have a bunch of additives in it will surely make anyone healthy.

When I brought the dog home to my husband that night I was rather surprised at his response. Instead of becoming flustered, he welcomed the dog with open arms and asked if we were going to keep her. As soon as he asked the question, I held up the bag of Beneful dry dog food and shook it. As soon as the dog heard the shake, she immediately started wagging her tail which made us both smile ear to ear.



Doe Deere’s Fabulous Life Lesson

Doe Deere has a wonderful life lesson that she would like to reveal to the world. She believes that you should break fashion rules and makeup rules. Surprisingly, a large number of people are afraid to break those rules. Deere believes that breaking those rules takes guts. However, leaving those rules behind, also leads to a world of creativity. The fact is that most creative and successful people started breaking traditional rules at a very young age. Lime Crime is certainly a makeup line started by a very creative person and designed for creative people.

Doe Deere’s Creative Philosophy
Certainly, Deere’s creative philosophy begins with taking a long look at traditional rules about fashion and beauty. Learn the basic rules concerning fashion and beauty, then break one of those rules daily. Doe Deere believes this opens the doors to a creative vision that is more satisfying than just going with the flow. We’ve all heard those fashion rules about staying away from too many bold colors or mixing patterns. Well, Doe Deere has something to say about those rules. Bold colors make life, beauty, and fashion fun. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your favorite bold colors. Wear deep smoky eyes with thick mascara and crimson lips. It’s fun to go bold and fabulous. Wear a pattern on top of another pattern. Rock that style with confidence. Furthermore, Doe Deere believes that you should never listen to anyone that says you should dress age appropriate. Dress the way that makes you feel good. The self appointed unicorn queen has spoken. People are taking note of her personal style and loving it.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is a striking young beauty. Her pastel hair and vibrant makeup are her signature style. Doe Deere was born with the creative fire that led to her developing a makeup line that matched her personality and belief. Deere firmly believes in creating your own style. Makeup is the tool that women use to bring out their creative nature. Out of this philosophy, Lime Crime was born.

Lime Crime is a very distinctive and unusual name. A lot of people would like to know the name’s origins. Doe Deere relates that the name is connected with her fashion days. Lime Crime was the original name of a fashion line that she created and offered for sale on an auction site. Doe Deere found it extremely difficult to find a vibrant and expressive makeup to match her taste. Therefore, she decided to create Lime Crime, her own makeup company. Doe Deere is also a different kind of CEO. She runs her organization with a soft touch. Her company has achieved amazing success in a short span of time. The Lime Crime Cosmetic company is one of the most successful makeup companies online.