Securus Technologies Corrects Misleading Information of GTL’s Press Release

Securus Technologies is a leading firm that provides top notch technology solutions the criminal and civil justice system use for investigations, monitoring, corrections and public safety. Not long ago, the Dallas based firm officially released a statement pinpointing and correcting misleading and inaccurate statements that Global Tel Link (GTL) had published in a press release as at June 7, 2016. The statement by Securus Technologies was well-designed to address specific inaccurate claims that were stated in the GTL’s press release.


Some of the Allegations


Securus Technologies disapproved Global Tel Link’s claim that United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) on patent number 7,256, 816, allowed GTL to move ahead and seek injunctions and damage against Securus Technologies, over the impeding infringement cases present in the prominent Federal Courts of Texas. However, Securus corrected the allegation by stating that the case in Texas Federal Court has overstayed and so Global Tel Link is presently unable to pursue their claims in a district court. Securus Technologies is taking a move for rehearing of the patent and this will put GTL in a position where it will not be able to seek further injunctions.



Additionally, GTL alleged that PTAB preserved all the 55 claims that protect its video monitoring technology. This feature is of great importance since it enables correction officers observe visitation between inmates and their families and friends. Securus on its press release clarified that PTAB initially declined the request to review the claims. However, GTL in reality asserts that only one independent claim and several other dependent claims. Securus Technologies strongly believes that GTL does no fully practice the fundamental and useful security feature.





Securus Technologies serves thousands of law enforcement, correction agencies and public safety in North America. These agencies rely in Securus for simple, powerful and secure technological solutions that are easy to use and readily accessible. With a team of trained professionals, this company’s technology is second to none.


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