Solving the Greek Refugee Crisis

As seen on The New York Review of Books, investor and philanthropist George Soros explains that there are four fundamental flaws of the asylum policy on that has come from recent EU-Turkey negotiations. Soros states that the policy is not European as it was too heavily pushed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Another crucial flaw with the plan is that it is underfunded and financially unstable from the start. It also forces different states to take refugees that they do not want to shelter as well as taking away the choice from fleeing refugees on what country they want to live in. This creates a cultural clash on as immigrants are forced to live in countries that are not welcoming. Finally, the negotiations force Greece into the go-to waiting zone for refugees even though Greece does not have the required resources to hold them.

George Soros argues that all of the flaws of the proposal can be corrected and that the European Commission has acknowledged that there are some serious issues. George Soros continues to state that there is an impending humanitarian crisis in Greece. These refugee policies will only make matters worse. One of the most effective things that EU leaders can do is ensure that sufficient funding is in place to handle the mass surge of refugees. Most importantly, leaders need to understand that there will be an initial surge of refugees and this cannot be handled with limited funding that was meant to address the ongoing issue. A large amount of initial funding is needed in order for shelter countries to adequately place the refugees. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

Another key issue in the refugee crisis is ensuring that newly placed refugees are able to establish themselves in their new countries. Adequate funding of the project is key in assuring that the newly placed refugees have all of the resources that they need to get their feet back on the ground. The countries that are housing the refugees must be given adequate financial support to bear the burden. Furthermore, forcing refugees into countries that do not want to house them creates additional barriers for the long term financial success of refugees. In order to have a truly sustainable plan for the refugee crisis, these barriers need to be reduces and individuals must feel welcome in their new countries.

George Soros support for progressive and humanitarian policies has helped millions of people all across the world. He was key in ensuring the peaceful change from Socialism to Capitalism in Eastern Europe. To date, George Soros has donated more than $11 billion to various different causes that are aimed at improving the lives of individuals living in all corners of the earth. One of the things that makes Soros a dynamic and successful individual is his ability to understand the market around him.

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