Squaw Valley Water Update

Squaw Valley has recently released an update on the condition of their water and what can be expected as the ski season begins to approach and more people hope to visit the resort. In their recent statement, they talk about the water quality, what people can expect for this ski season and everything else that relates to the water on the mountain. They also assure people that they will be safe as long as they stick to what they are supposed to be doing when they are at the ski resort in the coming months.

In the summer, Squaw Valley made a replacement to one of their major water systems. This was a routine upgrade and something that they thought was necessary for the mountain to be able to function at its best. A few months later, there was a lot of heavy rain that does not normally happen at Squaw Valley. The rain caused the system to overload and made some problems with the resort. The water was compromised in quality and it immediately became unconsumable while the people were getting the resort ready for the busy season that was about to start.

Like many ski resorts, Squaw Valley has a lot of restaurants that are there at the resort. They are on the same premises and help skiers and boarders to get the nutrition that they need while they are at the resort. Because of the water problem and their commitment to their guests, Squaw Valley has closed their restaurants until the quality of the water is restored back to where it needs to be able to be consumable. This is something that will cut into the budget of Squaw Valley but will be worth it to keep customers safe from the contaminated water that would be used in the restaurant.

Guests of the resort are advised not to drink any water while they are visiting the resort. Even though the water could be available in the form of faucets, guests should not drink it. Instead, Squaw Valley has made bottled water available to their guests so that they will be able to get the water that they need. They also want to make sure that their guests are satisfied so they are able to take advantage of the various vending machines around the resort that are in convenient locations.

The resort is still fully functioning. Squaw Valley wants to make sure that they are helping their clients as best as they can and they want to keep it open at the best capacity possible. While they are awaiting the all-clear from the Placer County Environmental division, they are going to keep the resort open and functioning. Guests should be able to begin consuming the water once again after they have been cleared by Placer County. The resort is planning to make sure that things are as comfortable as possible for their guests in the meantime and hope to have the water problem cleared up in the near future.

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