Major U.S. Food Operations and Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is one of the largest US food suppliers that delivers their food products globally. Food service, retailers and businesses alike use OSI Group’s services; Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Pizza Hut are some of the many food-chains that OSI has worked with.

OSI has custom food product development for clients as well as global food chain management, making themselves a direct and effective tool for food and beverage companies.

Other interests that OSI has taken include Sheldon Lavin, who is the CEO and Chairman of the company. Before joining OSI, Sheldon Lavin assisted Otto & Sons Company with financial consultation, in 1970. Otto & Sons Company ws looking to partner with McDonald’s as their meat supplier. Later on, Otto & Sons expanded into OSI Group in the late 70s.

Holding a Finance and Accounting Degree, Lavin has brought much use and success to himself and OSI. Lavin is an active Philanthropist, working with companies like the Inner City Foundation and the Jewish United Fund.

He has won a Global Visionary Award from India, which honors visionaries from around the world who have brought their dreams to fruition.

With the Global Visionary Award and a healthy career in finance, Sheldon Lavin assisted OSI Group with an impressive expansion, bringing the company into a multi-billion dollar industry as food processor.

OSI Group now has over 20,000 employees and 65 global facilities across 17 countries, and their Energy Reduction Initiative in North America has continued to expand into their facilities across the states, leading their company into further expansion efficiency.

This also allowed them the chance to win the Green Business Award for their Riverside, California location. The award was given to OSI for upgrading items such as efficient lighting, premium efficiency motors, and a wastewater reduction plan.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group continues to bring the food industry to higher standards through clean and green facility functions, possible expansion to other countries and companies, and providing simple yet effective services and optimizations of their abilities.