The New Invention by Davos Real Estate Group

David Osio announced that they were launching a new mobile application for Davos Real Estate Group on 22nd June 2016. He was accompanied by Davos Real Estate Group Executive Directors known as Pablo Bausili and Gerald Gonzalez. The aim of the application is to make estimates on the real estate investment returns that a client likes. The Davos Real Estate Group is part of the companies that join to create Davos Financial Group. It is an international financial group that is top in the market of Latin America.


Davis Spoke during the launch of the new application. He stated that Gerald Gonzalez had worked in conjunction with the Tecknolution of the company to come up with the development and design of the application. He added that the useful tool would enable a client to estimate the profit of an investment property as soon as the expenses linked with the property are calculated. David said that the new application which is currently available on Android and iPhone devices was developed using the newest technology platforms. He added that the launch of this application would open doors for many complementary applications to come. They will have the ability to recognize properties via a mobile phone.


David was asked about the application origin. He responded that the company had spotted the need to come up with a mobile application that would enable them to financially help their clients when making investments in real estate in the US. Gerald Gonzalez stated that this app was an “innovative tool” that would enable investors to have a better financial vision anytime they purchase a property. Gonzalez added that the Davos CAP Calculator would help customers to make estimates of the rent price on the property that fits their projected home. A mortgage Calculator is one of the benefits that come with the new application.


The CEO and Founder of Davos Financial Group by the name David Osio is a former legal advisor. He founded the Davos Financial Group in 1993 and was committed to expanding and growing the company ever since. He has been able to propel the profitability of the enterprise enabling him to strategically put up some licensed and independent firms in cities all over the world including Miami, Panama, New York, and Geneva. David formerly worked at OPED Enterprise as its CEO and President. He also worked at MGO. This is a Caracas law firm.

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