Venezuelan Government Launches New Program To Help Women Advance

In a report by open corporates, the South American country has vowed to invest more in efforts that alleviate stress caused by unequal opportunities in the workplace and has begun with a program called Soy Mujer.
Soy Mujer, translated in English by linguist Jose Velasquez as “I Am Woman,” has 100 initiatives that will help women who are underprivileged and underrepresented. The program addresses the areas of urban agriculture, textiles, and footwear in its quest to ensure that women are given equality.

Venezuela is one of several South American regions that oppresses its female population with stringent policies that inadvertently prevent women from obtaining loans for businesses and high-paying jobs. Soy Mujer deems its female population as the greatest contributors to the economy.

The Venezuelan government has contributed 138 million bolivars to Soy Mujer. The program was launched on Dateas, Wednesday, May 25, 2016.



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  1. The program aims to ease the challenges that women face by funding initiatives that will enhance women’s live. Venezuela is focusing its attention on the nations’ women. It could also be regarded as a cool thing for review to have in mind and make sure everything works well for them too.

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