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Wikipedia is the popular online encyclopedia that is viewed by millions of people yearly. The site contains articles on just about every subject under the sun. Wikipedia editors like to invite contributors to edit or make a Wikipedia page. Certainly, Wikipedia attracts thousands of contributors yearly that like to edit a page. Recently, Wikipedia shared a list of the most Wikipedia edits on the site. Some of the most popular edits are on trendy topics, while others might seem rather surprising at first glance. Most popular edits included everything from Ru Paul’s Drag Race to Vincent Van Gogh. Here is more on Wikipedia’s growing popularity.

Wikipedia Benefits
Marketers and some individuals are always searching for a proven way to get their message across about their business or personal profile. Often, it takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money before results happen. However, Wikpedia is one of the most powerful marketing tools online. Articles on the site generally rise to the top of the search engines. This top position on the search engine leads to rapid recognition for the article and the person responsible for the article. Fortunately, Wikipedia editors actively invite contributors to make or edit a Wikipedia page on subjects that interest them. Certainly, Wikipedia edits are in the thousands per day. Every marketer or individual online should consider the impact that Wikipedia has on business and personal branding.

More Wikipedia Benefits
Marketers and individuals online follow the traditional methods to brand their business or name. However, Wikipedia remains the new trendy way to gain recognition. Wikipedia offers significant exposure for articles and the contributor or writer. Here is more:

• Post a personal biography or a business biography on the site to gain more recognition
• Articles you write about your brand create significant positive exposure
• Articles on the site lend more credibility to an individual or organization
• Exposure on the site might lead to more sales and more profits for the business

Get Your Wiki
It is a known fact that Wikipedia editors are very strict about the rules and guidelines on Wikipedia. Wikipedia contributors that edit or make a Wikipedia page must follow those rules or their article is removed. Certainly, Wikipedia edits should strive to stay on the guidelines. The average marketer or individual that would like to add their own Wikipedia page might not have the time to write an article that follows their strict guidelines. However, Get Your Wiki has a staff consisting of experienced writers that are Wikipedia experts when it comes to editing and writing articles. Contact Get Your Wiki today for more information about adding your own Wikipedia pages to the site.

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